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  1. I can not wait for it to be in my hot little hands. LOL. Thanks Steve. It will give a good many hours of viewing pleasure and even more hours of fishing pleasure
  2. I am new to this hobby addiction and am learning quick as to what can be salvaged and what is just plain trash. Putting out for the birds is a good idea and we have been doing that for years with yarn and hair clippings. Now I am not putting out so much wool yarn for the birds. All or most of my yarn clippings from the winter will be hoarded for fly tying. I've made sashes and garters for re-enactors on a Inkle loom and waste can not be avoided. I have not made many flies with wool yarn but at least I will have a use for some of the trimmings when I do.
  3. That should have been at the grocery store. Or are they to big?
  4. What about the 2 gallon bags and the grocery store?
  5. Nice sheath and scales. Lookin good. I like working with leather and make a few knife sheaths amongst other things. Most I would classify as primitive. As long as it is functional, then I am happy. LOL.
  6. LOL. No problem Mikechell. Nice looking 'gills. I have caught a few that size up here in the North but most have been a little smaller and thru the ice.
  7. Thanks for the welcome. You are right Mikechell. Pan fish are a lot of fun my favorite to fish for.
  8. I joined a few weeks ago and I've been lurking. I am recently retired and finally have some time on my hands to do things that have been put off for a long time. I started tying flies this past week. I am interested in making flies for ice fishing and for soft water pan fish. Maybe in the future I'll turn my attention to fly fishing for trout. I live in upper Cayuga Co. not far from Fair Haven and Oswego, NY.
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