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  1. I use the uv set nail polish all the time. My girlfriend give me a couple of the colours she no longer uses much any more and I prefer it to my normal head cement. Plus it comes with it's own brush.
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    I have a bunch of light coloured and white fur and feathers does anybody have some good dye recipes that they are willing to share.
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    Thanks I look forward to it. I will try that when I get home today. I could use the practice.
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    that napkin idea is nice i might try that
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    PHG thank you I've only just started with flies and fly fishing and I will look into doing nymphs.
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    I have recently started tying flies and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on dragonfly wings because I have tied two different ways and neither turned out the way I had hoped. So if anyone would pass some techniques my way I would be much appreciative.
  7. First most of what is called "granite" is either a shist, gniess, granodiorite, or diorite it is nothing against anyone i am just a geological technician. But i don't have a "granite" top tying desk, but in the future I would definitely consider a stone fishing lure desk/bench. Because I also make spinners and plugs.
  8. it looks like a larval ladybug
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