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  1. Johan I would like to join in the swap. I will tie a Stonefly
  2. Im from Georgia. Again thanks
  3. Thanks for the compliments,Coming from you guys that makes me feel good about the fly. I didn't buy it from Paul but I sure did look at his fly on his website probably a thousand time as a guide to help.I am starting another one and I hope I can tie it faster. I am embarrassed to tell how long it took me but I will say each leg takes about 4-5 hrs to complete and the body segments take forever.
  4. Here is a new one I just finished.
  5. Thanks for the compliments. I used skeleton leaves backed with raffeene
  6. This is my first adult.It probably the most fun I have had tying in 20 yrs.Please tell what you think of it.
  7. I just found this site. I like the site and the info.Here is my first mayfly I tied.please critique http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff223/f.../Picture055.jpg
  8. I can't figure out why it posted 2 times
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