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  1. I have only hooked up with two carp on the fly but the two I did hook up with were both in early march on a cerise globug tied on a #2 umpqua competition jig hook, I think the c400? I was b'sin for trout or what ever and saw the bubbles from the carp rooting and casted and bam! Lost them under the yak :/
  2. Aren't barbs meant to hold bait? I only fish single point barbless, whether or not I'm fishing for kings or bluegill. I don't lose a lot of fish and the ones that I do either break my tippet or charge under my yak. I've accidentally lodged a #1 gama worm hook nearly 1/4" into the tip of my index finger and I forgot to pinch the barb (I was opening my Duncan loop knot) and ima tell you what there was no way it was going to come out through my finger nail. It didn't feel great. Anyone who claims BL loses fish needs to take a look at what they are doing wrong. Easy in easy out for everyone. Even my 6 and 8 year old catch fish on the fly on BL hooks,in fact I only allow them to use BL because it requires concentration and we catch and release. If you are going to kill what ever you catch barbs aren't a problem,but in my eyes anyone can catch a fish with barbed hooks.
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