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  1. How do you figure out what leader and tippet to use. I am currently using a 2x Orvis with a 2 to 3x tippet. Is that to much? i am currently going after mostly pan fish. With a bass surprise ever now again.
  2. Also does quality determine how far you cast? Or is it mostly the skill of the caster?
  3. OK, thanks. What about when i am fishing on a lake in boat? I am going to be fishing in Lake Michigan in July. Would the floating work fine here as well?
  4. So since i primarily fish for pan fish and bass, i would like to know if i should go from a floating line to a sinking line?
  5. Thanks for all your help. Where i live so far i have only come across only one other fly fisherman. So we rely on Youtube and asking questions on forums. Skeet3t, What is DT or level? I do have WF on both of my poles. What would be better to have on them?
  6. The first issue that i am having is, i am having trouble with the roll cast. Every time i have tried, i get the line tangled at the tip. The other is, i have two different Orris encounter. I would like to know what kind of line would give me a better cast? I have only been fly fishing since around march. I see others making easy cast. Is it my lack of practice?
  7. themattman

    Fly line

    I am new to fly fishing this year. I have the Orris encounter, which is a starter in both the 9 ft 5wt and 8wt. I am wanting to replace the lines that came with them. What would be a good line for someone that has very little experience chose? Matt
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