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  1. i had a cold water swap in mind but was also thinking about a summer skamania steelhead swap...think that would be cool...any interest?
  2. ya awesome flies...i wouldnt dream of fishing one of them by me for steelhead. id lose it on one of those trees that seem to blen in and seem further back then they really are...now i feel bad, gotta come up with a real pattern, not one of my 30 second eyesores...lol
  3. i think you just need to get out fishing...plan a trip for a new species. nothing expensive but just get out there and fish for a new species so you are motivated to tie new flies and come up with new patterns. good luck and get inspired soon...i need some new pattern submissions!
  4. i am going on a striper fishing to high rock lake and lake norman (i think thats how you spell it) in central North Carolina (near Lexington) and would like to know if anyone has any patters for striped bass or has been to that lake. im going with a giude (not a fly fishing guide...) but want to try fly fishing for them on my own. probably out of a boat. i will be there july 8-12, if it helps in providing any info. -thanks guys
  5. i always go on ftf before tying, usually being distracted for a good hour. then, after inspired, i listen to some pink floyd or led zeppelin, which i ifind very inspirational. but between wasting all my time on this site and stopping at my local gander mountain twice a week, i only get about a good 5 hours of tying in per week...lol kinda sad, maybe i need some add meds.
  6. Count me IN!! awesome swap idea, only a lil late for my parts..oh well i will have fun fishing em next year!
  7. awesome fly. im gonna tie up a bunch of those for my steelies!
  8. i put stoneflies. i love to tie the small stuff (i guess since my eyes are still excellent) and i love to fish them. they are so versatile, useable in almost any application.
  9. you do not want TOO much weight as you are describing. adding too much weight t a crayfish pattern, believe it or not, will make it sink too fast and will not look as naturally as a free falling crayfish and you will not get as many strikes(especially from smallmouth, they are picky about small details like this). in lake erie, for example, when i fish the islands for smallmouts, i use 1/16 ounce jigs on calmer days with my 3-4 inch tube jigs on reefs sometimes 15-30 feet deep. i switched from about a 1/4 ounce jig which only took seconds to hit the bottom, but did not recieve near as many strikes as the lighter jigs, especially on the way down. you want your crayfish immitations to look as real and act as real as possible, so keep that in mind.
  10. i was just wondering how you guys dub ice dubbing. i just purchased a multi-compartment box with like every color and i was expirimenting with it. it is some funny stuff to work with and just wanted to ask the best way to dub it...a loop, on the line...hard to dub on the line and keep looking buggy. thanks for any suggestions.
  11. bet you really pissed a bunch of fish off with that pattern...awesome tie!
  12. man where is the walleye section of the pattern database? its aight ill figure em out. i swear every fish in that database except the one im going for. LOL just my luck. thanks for the help, by the way, i will be standing on shore, what kind of holes do they sit in, same as steelhead? thanks
  13. i caught a carp out of a local lake fishing with my grandpa and he took it home to clean and smoke, claiming it was excellent smoked. i was never did taste it, as it was all eaten before it made its way back to me to be tasted. may just be a grandpa thing...LOL i dunno-very skeptical.....
  14. i was planning a fishing trip for walleye in the sandusky or maumee OHIO (TBD) and would like to know if anyone had ever fished for spring river walleye and knew of some tactics for these elusive critters or knew of some popular/productive flies for them. catching walleye on a fly rod would be a new and rewarding experience for me. thanks for any advice/reccomendations.
  15. just in the same situation on the grand river in ohio on the 30th-high, muddy. i found a deep gravel bed(4 ft.) and swung a #4 black bunny egg sucking leech and hit one on my second swing. i love this pattern in muddy water, tie one up and measure the visibility underwater-often double other patterns. also, if the sun comes out, try a larger white wooly bugger on fresh fish. somehow those fish can sniff those things out when there's flash tied in them even with almost no visibility. you can also add a red egg on the front of a white bunny leech or white wooly bugger-excellent success in muddy water. I prefer swinging these patterns just out of the rapids in slower troughs.
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