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  1. Preparing for Spring time flows and hungry browns in Central PA
  2. Inspired by Mr. Yuk... and possibly because black/chartreuse were the only two colors of craft fur I currently have at my desk.
  3. I've been using one for a few months and like it. Slim profile and bright.
  4. Another one for "the meat freezer"....Been busy gearing up for Fall browns. Thanks Dan. Don't know Ebbers personally but he ties some gnarly bugs!
  5. First attempt at a "Broke Neck".. as made famous on IG by Matt Ebbers (ebbsforce1)
  6. EP Brush Home Invader. Switched the brush head out for a Bruiser Blend/Laser dub variation.
  7. Took bits & pieces from my favorite streamer patterns and ended with this...
  8. Excited to see this one swim. Craft fur over rabbit strips with laser dub head.
  9. Yeah, I guess I'm not really trying to change the action that much (although like I said, adding weight there probably isn't much way around it).. the D&D has been a proven successful pattern, a lot of which is probably attributed to the unique action. I was just curious as to if anybody has had any luck fishing a weighed version. Streamer fishing is hands down becoming my favorite method of fly fishing so I'm often out in higher flows/stained water, which is why a heavier rod with a sinking line is pretty much inevitable for me sooner or later. Thanks for the input guys!
  10. Just curious if anybody here has ever tied a weighted version of Tommy Lynch's D&D pattern? I've been contemplating adding a 7/8 weight rod with sink tip line to my arsenal solely for fishing streamers (mainly unweighted patterns), but for the past couple years have fished floating lines with weighted streamers in my home waters and done well. I realize adding weight, whether it be through dumbbell eyes or lead wire might alter the intended action of the streamer a bit, but just curious if any of you have experimented with this and had any success?
  11. Lol addiction indeed! Don't have to worry about me selling flies on Ebay anytime soon though... or ever. They all go to the "meat freezer" for personal consumption.
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