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  1. Thanks folks!
  2. Favorite to fish is tied between nymphs and midges. Favorite to tie= any one of them.
  3. I like to use beads for fast water, or deep pools. But in the slower, shallower water I normally don't. But, if I don't use a bead, i will normally always weight my nymphs with lead wire.
  4. I buy a lot of knotless tapered leaders but I also hand tie some as well. Both work well for me.
  5. Hi everyone, I am very glad to be on this forum. I have wanted to join for a while but never did it. But, I am surely glad that I decided to do it. I am from the Cumberland Valley area of the great state of Pennsylvania. I fish streams like the Yellow Breeches normally at least once a week. Also, I fish other streams like Big Spring and the Letort quite a good bit as well. I tie 95% of my flies and I truly am an addict. Other things I like to do is hunt deer, turkey, and pheasant; and spending time with family. I hope to bring some knowledge and some questions to this forum. Thanks!
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