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  1. i had a problem like this for a bit. i found it was because my leader was to long.
  2. somebody mentioned to me to use a magnet inside the storage container. i found a package of quarter size magnets at walmart. they fit nicely into several types of containers.
  3. no matter how many times i see that skit, its still a hoot. its the attitude i deal with here in Texas, bwaaahaahaaa
  4. whewwwww, i quit 13 months ago. its the hardest thing ivever did no doubt. some days its still a struggle. congrats to anyone thats put them down.
  5. Guy, Hows that Bass Pro Shop in Little Rock stocked for fly fishing stuff. Im about 6 hours from LR
  6. I started out buying the tools piece by piece. I was advised the kit had alot of stuff i may never use. My plan also was to only buy the materials i needed to tie only what i wanted. Boy im telling you, good luck. There are zillions of pieces of material out there, some called by this name some buy another. The tools i purchased all from Orvis and are good quality, but then again, there is all kind of gadgets you may or may not need. My plan was also to buy a Renzetti but never. Could come up with 100 bucks. So, finally, i bought an encounter kit from orvis. It had several flies to tie ith instructions and a cd. The materials were only what i needed. This was a smart choice be ause it got me down the road with basics. Now i see all the variations of fly patterns here on this forum. This helps me to branch out and be more versatile. My only co plaint was that the vise sucks. It has a locking screw instead of a cam. Its never tight enough. So, to wrap it up. The vise you posted is good for sure. Buy the encounter kit or Decide what patterns you want, stay simple and buy only what you need in materials. My problem is i have no source of materials close enough. I had to go online for everything. Most importantly, iv only been tying for about a month. Take my advise with a grain of salt. Cheers
  7. CGull

    Zebra Midge

    If I could do my 20 over again, I'd get my as up to KI Sawyer in the UP and never leave. But sadly, they closed that base too. I'll settle for Mountain Home AFB in Northern Idaho. But those days are but a whisper of memory.
  8. CGull

    Zebra Midge

    Funny, I'm partial to those Royals as well. Although I never fished them. Fly fishing first caught my eye when I was stationed, briefly, at Wurtsmith AfB in Oscoda. It was these patterns that I first studied. Perhaps those Flys take me back to a simpler time and a much beautiful Northern Michigan. True enough, when I made an order of Flys online, the Royal Wulf was surely one. I said to my wife this one will never work down here. It's a Northern pattern. But I had to have it because it's a classic. She was happy with that excuse. I love my memories.
  9. CGull

    Zebra Midge

    Yya for sure it can be a maze of unknown nomenclature, skills, and applications. Just about the time you think you can bump it up one notch you have to run to youtube to find out how to do something. Then of course words will fly around that youve never heard. Im thinking, maybe ill get a big ass bass hook in the vise and practice some of these intricisies on something large enough to see. See i saw a you tube earlier where the fellow tied a nice looking simple looking nymph. But when i looked down at the materials, im like wtf does this mean, lol. Im good though, im border line purist. It took me forever to move from forums to AOL, from film to digital. Fly fishing and tying are the last corners of the world where the yuppies have not ruined it for us. Cheers Cheus Sinara And talk to yall soon.
  10. CGull

    Zebra Midge

    Epzamora many thanks. I got to get this thread thing down in my head
  11. CGull

    Zebra Midge

    I guess this stuff in using is 8, its from orvis and that's the number on the end cap. But for sure it does not seem flat.
  12. CGull

    Zebra Midge

    Dave, don't know I'm set up either. I'm retired military so hopefully I can use bases and posts for starting places. Texas trout fishing not much to brag on for sure, but centrally located. I just want to do it.
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