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  1. Never mind. Error This file was too big to upload
  2. It'll show up as soon as you click the buy button for more seal dubbing.
  3. I bought a pack of these last year,and they're worth their weight in gold.I screwed them into my felt,using epoxy on the threads. I don't know it the epoxy was necessary,but I figured it wouldn't hurt. The felt was pretty useless by its self,but with these studs,I can handle any slim in the stream. I remind myself all the time not to get too cocky while wading, due to my new found traction.What if I step on a rock that's loaded with extra super slime. So far,these screws have worked much better than expected. I'll probably have to leave the remainder of the bag to someone in my will, somebody's going to be very happy when I check out.
  4. I just picked up a new headband magnifier,and it works great.
  5. ralphs007


    Congratulations to the Eagles!
  6. Never Iced fished,but my money would be on the live bait too.
  7. I was at Valley Forge the day after the stream was poisoned with PCB's.It was heart breaking to see all of those dead fish floating everywhere! Do you still fish Valley Creek?
  8. I tried the vest rod holder while changing flies on the stream,but I didn't think it was worth the effort. I did use it today,while hiking to the stream,and I really like that feature! I never really thought about using it like that,thanks for the tip. It was kinda strange using the rod holder though , my subconscious kept thinking I was leaving something in the car.
  9. LL Beans will give you %15 off on your first purchase using their Visa card.Plus they're giving 20 % off for their Memorial day sale. I just got over 100.00 off on my new chest waders ! I used them for the first time today,and my feet were thanking me all day. I just switched over to stocking foot waders,and I don't think I'll ever buy boot foot waders again. They're a little extra work to put on and take off,but well worth it for the extra comfort.
  10. I just saw this the other day,while checking out Tim's fly tying videos.Someone replied to one of his video's, and said that he sounds like the guy from "How it's Made".When ever I watched his video's I always wondered where I heard this guy before. Now the mystery is solved. Thanks for sharing S.C P.S I made a batch of your dry fly floatant powder,and it works great! For about $15.00,I have more than a lifetime supply.
  11. I contacted paypal, who contacted Feather Emporium about my order.It turns out for an order under $25.00 you have to pay a $2.61 tracking fee. I had no idea,since I hit add to cart,and then I hit check out. I was taken to paypal,where I sent the required amount.If I would have ordered at least $25.00 worth of stuff,there would have been no problem with the order. When it's under $25.00, you also have to wait for Dave to send you an invoice for the tracking fee of $2.61.He never sent me the invoice to pay for the tracking fee,and that's what caused the delay. So I'll have to take some of the blame for being so cheap with my order P.S It probably says something on his web site about the tracking fee on orders under $25.00 but I missed it.
  12. Thanks for the heads up.Now when it happens,I can at least say I knew better
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