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  1. My guess would be you need a larger tippet. What size fly is this happening on?
  2. I have tied them with a piece of 2mm tan foam as the tail. The tail does not foul, soak up water or sink. It does not move as much as some other materials, but pulling one across the surface throws a nice wake. The tail being visible in the silhouette is more important to me that the movement. Give it a try and see if you like it.
  3. I second that! Joe is a great guy.
  4. @vicrider... @Don_P is correct, they are not made here in Bozeman, he has them made in china. He does label, box and look at every hook. He also looked at a bunch of manufactures before he selected one.
  5. My favorite carp hooks are: Partridge Nordic Tube Fly Hook or Daiichi 3111 Here is a video to my most productive carp fly:
  6. Nice looking fly, I like how well the fibers blend together, even with the articulation in there. Thanks for sharing.
  7. They are great hooks, crazy sharp and good quality. I have not rejected one yet, they have top notch QC. They are currently running another pre-launch event and you can pick up packs of 50 for cheap. Check out their website. Fireholeoutdoors.com Best bang for your buck going on BL hooks! -Karl
  8. I have a tool box that is just one big compartment. The renzetti tool caddy is key, I can just load it up and set it in the bottom. Then I grab whatever materials I need for a night of tying. It is simple and easy. Best of luck!
  9. Hey DB. I am in Bozeman too! This is a great forum with lots of information! -Karl
  10. I use a bottle with a needle, that way my bodkin stays clean. They are cheep, I got mine for a few bucks at my local shop, but here is one online: http://www.jsflyfishing.com/griffin-applicator-jar-needle I have tried different applicator bottles and I always get the clogged tip.
  11. That rod is too nice to fish with! I would hang it on the wall as art. Very cool!
  12. Typically when trout or any fish hit a big streamer, they are so focused on the fly that you can fish a very short/heavy leader. With a sink tip line, I will fish a 2-3' section of 10lb floro. When I fish a floating line, I build a 9' leader that will taper down to 6lb and fish weighted flies. The water I fish is usually moving fast, I would change it up in slow or still water that is clear. Best of luck! Big flies are fun. -Karl
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