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  1. Thanks for all your feedback, all. I think given that I know what exactly I need to tie, I'm going to go with a 100 pack. Looks like Feather Emporium even has 100 packs that are mixed sizes, which is perfect. Collins Hackle Farm will have to wait till the next paycheck
  2. Hi there, First time posting, but have been lurking for a while. I'm new to tying/fishing and having a blast with both. The posts in this forum have been incredibly helpful, but I think I finally ran into an issue that hasn't been addressed in other posts. I'm gearing up for a trip to Yosemite this August and want to tie, among others, lots of ants in sizes 14 and 16. I need to purchase some black dry hackle for this, but don't know what the best route is. Right now I'm considering a Whiting 100 pack, but have also been looking for an excuse to place an order with Collins Hackle Farm. It seems that I'll need to choose between best bang for my buck (Collins) or getting exactly what I need (Whiting 100 pack). Before I give Collins a call, does anyone have any opinions they'd like to share? Other considerations/questions: 1) Some sources say dyed black is better than natural black for ants. Thoughts on this? 2) I've read that the accompanying saddle from Collins is not dyed, so if I place an order for a dyed black cape, it seems like the saddle feathers might not be what I need even though they might be the right size. 3) If I end up going with Collins, what other flies can I tie from the larger cape feathers?
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