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  1. And hey, its just about summer!! Looking forward to 80 degree mornings. Glad to hear you're doing better.
  2. Get well soon, Mike! Best wishes from your pal Flats
  3. By the way, have you tried the Simms sun gaiter hd buffs? Those breathing holes make a huge difference when it comes to preventing fogging of the glasses, especially in these hotter months to come.
  4. Bob, thank you for the very detailed response - it is deeply appreciated! Going to try and follow one of the outside tracks you mentioned and take it step by step. I knew about the oysters, but not the coral. Definitely something to watch out for especially in our older mavericks... As you said, flamingo is extremely forgiving. Was easy enough to learn where I could (and couldn't) go, usually when we got stuck or whatnot we were able to pole out of it. Only once did we have to wait for the tide to come in.
  5. Also, Bob, another question - been wanting to tow the skiff over to that side of the glades, just worried about running into oyster bars and gashing the boat open. Float in about 11 inches... you think I'll be ok if I just take it real slow?
  6. how to fight off no see ums? Thats something I would like to learn!
  7. Great report, Bob! I was there last Sunday as well and ended up catching a couple reds and several triple tail on the pots. Would love to get out after them this weekend, but unfortunately, I've got to work on my boat and fix some things! Definitely interested in hearing how your next trips will play out... By the way, we ended up finding plenty of shrimp at Bear Cut, and only a couple at Venetian. Didn't fish anywhere else... that night
  8. Utyer - Matter of fact, I am not! Have caught several in the glades, all around 5 lbs, but still plenty of fun. Looking forward to trying for some bigger fish this year... For peacocks, you can't beat a clouser. Size 4-1/0, bright colors, and heavy are the ticket. Bright colors seem to attract them the most. IF you are so kind as to send me some fox, I would indeed greatly appreciate it. However, of course, I will provide funding for the shipping!
  9. I like the body on the light swamp fox. Did you just do 2 clumps of fox on top and bottom? Also, where do you buy your fox?
  10. You could also comb out acrylic yarn then mix in ice dub and get basically the same thing... FTD has cool stuff for great prices. I would also recommend starburst dubbing.
  11. If it makes all you guys stuck in snow feel any better, the day before yesterday, yesterday, AND this morning I had shots at bonefish... haha! Merry Christmas -Flats
  12. People would be surprised by how good fishing is close to ramps... tends get overlooked. Good man no complaints! Just spent today and yesterday on the water, with some shots at bones. No cigar but hey man I'm not complaining!
  13. Hey Steve hope you're doing well man. Good to hear all is well. Whereabouts did you fish in the glades? Probably my favorite place to fish nowadays...
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