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  1. Yeah Kev just 15...but in #14, 16, 18, and 20's. Our season is year 'round on the catch and release water but our first sulphurs will be mid April. BTW I was joking...but if you are having them done already I will take em...give me a call
  2. Kev, I need 15 dozen by April 15th!!!!
  3. Now how could a bad fly be tied on that hook! Very sweet, have to add some of those to my box when I finish this @#%$#@ salwater order I took.
  4. Kevin, GREAT tie...that fly has Gunpowder River written all over it!
  5. I generally stick to standard patterns for all my North Country flies BUT that one I will be tying and putting in my box. Great pattern Softhackle and thank you for sharing another sweet fly!
  6. Mole can be purchased many places. I carry it from both Cookshill (natural) and Veniards, (both natural and 8 dyed colors) However, I'd suggest buying from the sponser of this site simply because it's the right thing to do if they have what you need. Cheers, Mike
  7. You stay safe and keep your head down over there Zip. Best of luck and my thoughts and prayers will be with you. I don't always agree with what my country does, but thank you and all the other men and women in the services that do what they are called to by our country. /salute
  8. Veniard's offers UNITIT for thinning Cellire. here's one place you can find it as i do the ordering and know it's in stock http://www.greatfeathers.com/catalog/produ...jviub64pqcfh270
  9. I love this pattern and it's one of the few "Bergman" patterns that I use quite a bit in my fishinhg, Rainbows are suckers for blue! Nicely tied and ty for posting.
  10. While I consider myself a traditionalist (my daughters say "stick in the mud" but what do they know lol) I did get Gallop's book on streamers and HIGHLY recommend it.
  11. I carry both (a shamelss plug) No full snipe skins in stock at present (I'm told December or january) but I do have about a dozen pairs of Snipe wings right now as well as Starling from domestic sources and Veniard (which I prefer) Feel free to check the links below and e-mail or call toll free with any questions.
  12. I too have trouble stocking "good" quills in the shop. I've ordered retail from about everyone for my own tying and dyed duck quills are a definite hit or miss. Goose seems much better and I use more of it for that reason (quills not shoulders, though i like shoulders for some applications) I keep a full stock in the shop of both and hand pick before mailing.......many get returned or simply thrown away and are never sold to customers.
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