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  1. Been an odd year. Got blown out in May, completely missed the Hex this year, and night fishing has been a bust. Must be losing my touch. How's yours?
  2. What brand of 50 lb floro do you use?
  3. Does anyone still use Mason Hard Mono instead of wire? Tyger wire seems to be the rage, but it's darned expensive.
  4. Does any one know whether or not Orvis builds their own rods, and whether they are made outside of US?
  5. I've got several T-3"s ( 4, 6, and 9). I find them excellent rods.
  6. If you go by a two story cabin with a deck across the front on your right coming down from Randall 2/3 or so the way to Brown Cabin Road, stop in for a beer.
  7. Troutbum is right on. Just got back from Long Key. I'm totally exhausted ! Fished for 3 days from 6:30 Am til sometimes after 7. Between two of us, 6 hook ups. All fish got off , but still tremendous time. Literally threw to hundreds of tarpon. Of the 6 hook ups, one never jumped and we followed it for about a half mile before hook pulled out. Another tokk me out to sea for over 30 minutes. Wasn't using a direct drive reel and had my knuckles and inside palm of my hand really banged up. No idea how far we chased that one. Hit some kind of a rare hatch on Friday about 4:30, when some kind of reddish worm about 2" long began hatching. The tarpon literally were going berserk for these things. We could see hundreds of tarpon, some of them looked to well above 100pounds, gulping these off the surface, some within feet of the boat. Two of our hook ups occurred during this hatch. Phenominal. Guy I was fishing with had only encoutered it one other time. In any case, I'm exhausted. FRom fighting the fish, casting 12 and 13 weight rods, standing on the tarpon tower or the bow all day( trying to balance at the same time) in 90 degree heat, and even trying to pole the skiff during the worm hatch when we were afraid to turn on the motor, I'm a tired hombre. Not sure I could do that for a full week.
  8. I've heard the stories about the "full contact" related to Tarpon fishing. I've hooked a few on trips to the BVI with my wife, but only have landed one of about 40 pounds on a fly rod. Can't imagine a 100 pound fish. My brother in law once hoojed a tarpon in the Keys he and his guide said would go over 150#. Had it on for five hours and took them 6 miles off shore, only to be eaten by a 16' bull shark. If even half of that is true, I'm still in awe. I too love to wade and much prefer that over floating for trout on the Au Sable system. Let's you do your own thing at your own pace. Also, I more often than not float in my drifter solo, and between rowing, raising the anchor up and down, and taking boat out by myself, I'm pretty well zonked out. Getting too old. Never been to Montana, but my daughrter is taking a teaching position out there in the Fall, and maybe I'll use that as an excuse to sample some of the fishing, which I understand is quite good. Been trying fly fishing for pike in Canada the last few years. Getting better, but still no lunkers. Goal is to catch a muskie on a fly. In my dreams I suppose. Anyway, adios, and I'll let you know how my tarpon excursion goes. Of couse , if my equipment or knots breakdown, you'll never hear from me again.
  9. My cabin is on the northern flowing big creek, north of Luzerne. I'd love to hear some talk of the "old days" on Big Creek. We've been there ten years. From my perspective, it's so damn clear, I only fish it at night anymore. But, I'd sure like to hear your thoughts. I've taken quite a liking to fishing below Parmalee and below Mio. While I've got a drifter, I more often wade as it doesn't take up the whole day. Bith these areas have been way high this Spring, and I don't like the Holy Water on weekends due to canoes and even too many fishermen sometimes. I've become quite selficious in my old age, but I really enjoy the quiet.
  10. How come you don't spend more time fishing for tarpon? What type of fishing do you most often do? Also, how did you end up with the Troutbum moniker?
  11. enough of this teasing- where are you located?
  12. Black Ghost... tied with marabou instead of hackle.
  13. Alright......how do you know I'm on a feeder creek?
  14. Here it is, first of June. By this time I've got at least a couple of lies... I mean stories, to tell of big browns lost. This year so much rain, every time I've been up since first of April, my favorite haunts are high and discolored. Even streamers have not been effective. Oh well, on my way to Long Key on Wednesday. Based upon one of my previous posts, I'm certain to lose a good fish on a broken rod, a reel with a bum drag, or a faulty connection. Troutbum will be all over my case. At least I won't be fishing over the bank conditions.
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