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  1. Caught on July 23 from a homemade fly I tied
  2. Really nice fly looks great for LMB
  3. Nice job for your first attempt! This is beautiful!
  4. Has anyone tyed flying ants with small feathers as wings?
  5. Great kayak!!! I have a few plastic boats myself. I just sold my wife's Ocean Kayak Trident and bought her a Diablo Amigo
  6. Rio's are a blast to catch in the creeks around here. For eating I believe that they are related to tilapia in some way. Awesome, Texas has many creeks, ponds and lakes that are good for fishing.
  7. That's a bummer Tapatalk makes viewing forums so much easier on mobile devices I'd be willing to donate $ to help get this site using Tapatalk if needed
  8. I can not find this forum on tapatalk using my iPhone. Does this site support Tapatalk?
  9. Hello everyone.... My name is Warren. I just got into fly tying and I can not wait to dive more into the art. I enjoy fly fishing as well as many other things. Just doing a quick intro.... I'm located near Austin TX and I fly fish off of my kayak mainly.
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