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  1. I wouldn't worry about the polar bear too much as it looks very old. It doesn't look to be in good shape either, since the hair has yellowed considerably with age. It's also not the prime length of 1 1/2 to 3 inches. There's nothing that jumps out as major money on any one or two items. It's a very nice bunch of stuff. Just break it up into smaller lots of similar items to sell to get the most out of it. Regards, Mark Hi Thanks you guys for all the help. Yeah that if that polar bear it is actually very long maybe 3 to 4 inches just the picture perspective..... Should I even offer that for sale? Or is it bad juju..... I think I'm going to drive 2 Newport Beach next week to the fly store and get a physical appraisal I think they want $75..... Then they can grade it for me and I have an ebay account I sell regularly maybe the way to go..... So that really colorful cake was nothing special that thing is beautiful in person but I don't know what it is LOL it's light blue and green and yellow looks like a parrot or some tropical bird.... I really appreciate all the help from everybody here I'll keep you updated on progress.....
  2. Hi there thanks for the offer but we're leaving tomorrow for the weekend.. but will be back Tuesday I'm in San Clemente... Just posted that link 2 Photobucket I took tons of photos seems it's mostly TONS UPON TONS of capes, fur, feathers, hooks, string, supplies I have no idea on this stuff man LOL many are marked many are not.....not too many tools but some... haven't gotten everything yet check it out let me know what you think ... I'm probably going to take the advice of another member here and drive it up to Newport to the fly fishing store see if they can give me some more insight I guess ..... thanks again
  3. Hi.. uploaded a bunch of pics (haven't even got to the big box yet but I'm tired) to Photobucket try this link. http://s1228.photobucket.com/user/Jackoc5/library/Mobile%20Uploads?sort=3&page=1 ... never used it before so let me know if it works OR SEND ME YOUR EMAIL I FIGURED OUT HOW TO EMAIL THE ALBUM.... much more to come
  4. Don't mean to use your resources. Just was looking to ask some knowledgeable people about some unusual stuff for us so we don't get ripped off by someone that's all. I hope we didn't offend you :-) you will need to work a LOT harder than that to offend me. Dave G eloquently made the points I was thinking but didn't get out through my keyboard so early in the morning. Why all the mystery with "us" and "we" ? It leads one to believe it's a business, or at very least a money making endeavor. In that spirit, I'd be happy to be your paid consultant. If you're close to the Harrisburg Pa area I'll come inventory your things and provide a realistic worth. If not, e-mail me good pics. I'm sure we can do it in a way which doesn't result in me being ripped off. I'm not being facetious. Knowledge has a value. Hi again.. I'm getting the feeling I've ruffled some feathers.. How would be trying to swindle you? Not trying to sell and haven't offered to sell you anything. Was just looking for help, is that a wrong thing to do? If you were to find a little price of gold at a garage sale with some Spanish writing on it would you not seek help? Would you not ask a few people just to figure out what you had? I'm not a swindler I'm any way! The who we and us etc are... 1... We is a small Christian thrift store in Capistrano beach ca..2... me...I help them out by donating my time and occasionally if they have something they can't sell in the store I'll buy it and might make a few bucks on the side... 3... Everything is NOT about money for me but definitely will do some research for a couple of reasons...a: I don't want to sell something too cheap obviously but bigger than that.b:.I don't want to mis represent something to someone buying it so they don't get swindled.... I thought this forum was just a bunch of guys who tie flies that may be interested in seeing this stuff and may lend some insight.. I wish I were near you so we could negotiate a fair price for appraisal.. Lol I would also be fearful that it's garbage and not worth anything and be out the appraisal money:) Then there is the factor of would you sell your gold price to the appraiser, lol? I'm just trying to get am idea if I have anything worth anything, that's all, NOT trying to use you guys (and maybe girls:) Although it may all be for not anyway I can't even upload pics! Lol
  5. Lol wow it seems my request for some help has stirred the pot. Let's see if I can clear this up...1. I wasn't looking to or offering to sell you anything just asking for help 2. "We" is a small Christian thrift store in Capistrano beach ca ... 3. "I" help them, volunteer and personally buy stuff on occasion from then to make a profit on .. 4. would you seek help identifying something too if you ran across let say a price of gold with some old Spanish writing on it? would you not ask/call/send pics our otherwise contact anyone get some advice and maybe an of its value? Or should I just say everything is $3 each and call it a day? Just was asking for some help.... Sincerely sorry to have offended you!
  6. Btw, How the heck do you upload pics you guys? Keeps saying pics are too big, just cell phone pics? I'm gonna take a bunch tomorrow afternoon
  7. Don't mean to use your resources. Just was looking to ask some knowledgeable people about some unusual stuff for us so we don't get ripped off by someone that's all. I hope we didn't offend you :-)
  8. Thank you so much for your replies. I am getting the feeling this is a very loved sport/hobby. Honestly for us this was a donation that I purchased, I've been doing this for years but this is the first time I've run across fly tying stuff which is really cool stuff btw :-) I mean it is a literal truck-bed-load... There are like 20 full capes (really cool looking colorful natural stuff), cases of thread, hooks, tools, bags of feathers with names and without. If I were to pack everything in boxes for shipping let's say It would be like 4 20x20x20 boxes..It's allot of stuff I might do what is suggested, contact someone at least on these capes (from what I'm seeing I think some may be big bucks) some are crazy cool color looking and look like never used. This gentleman kept everything meticulously little balls in everything (mouth balls maybe? Smells kinda like it) Everything is pristine..he has been tying flies for over 40 years he said and is just to old to do it anymore
  9. Hello we recently acquired a literal truckload of fly tying feathers and equipment... This was donated by a gentleman who tied flies for well over forty years..... We would like help identifying it so that we can sell this stuff but would first like to know exactly what we have..... Is it okay to post those pictures here and ask for help? Actually tried to post some but it says file too big? It's just pics from my phone, any tips?
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