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  1. I haven't fished SML yet, there aren't many places to that from shore, that i have found anyway. People with boats are nuts on that lake btw. The rivers and creeks are generally difficult to access if not down right dangerous, then there's all the over hanging trees etc. Carvins cove looks like it would be a great place to fish, either it's not very good or everyone keeps it a secret.

  2. I make Confederate Generals (a bug created by a guy in Tampa) which has a body of foam cut in a disk about 1/2 inch or so diameter. I made a punch out of copper tubing about 3 inches long, and filed one end sharp. It's the only one I've ever needed a punch for. Other things I cut freehand.

    yeah I see people using shell casings as well in different calibers and even bending one side to make it oval, there are many of us who are symmetrically challenged so we need patterns/templates, was messing around with Microsoft word shapes and came up with this for those who need it like I do.




  3. I have found similar posts on various fishing forums with the common request from people looking for patterns or templates to cut out foam. Many free form and do it by hand, other purchase the punches and or stencils that are available. Then there's those who want to do everything the hard way (like myself) for whatever reason they may have. So I would encourage those who want to go this route to look at everyday items for templates and patterns.



  4. thanks guys that helps a lot, while I look at the patterns and tutorials etc I have this issue of wanting to know why and how things work lol like most of you I like to modify and or create my own versions and experiments but generally there's a few "rules" you need to follow to make sure everything functions as it should, so with these being so light I could see an issue with them being upside down, but not really knowing if they would self correct.

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