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  1. Trampus


    Thanks to all you Guys from the bottom of my heart. It is very comforting to know that there are people who care...people I have never met, yet who I have a kinship with none the less. I will be going on my annual fishing trip to the Sierra's September 25th. just like I have done for the past 36 years. Cindy was always supportive of that and helped me prepare every year by baking deserts for the guys and helping me shop for all the food and supplies. I will have time to reflect and to heal on this trip and when I return, I will hopefully be stronger. Once again...Thank You! Dan
  2. Trampus


    Last Wednesday my world crashed down around me and I am hanging on as best I can. My beautiful wife whom I had been married to for 40 wonderful years, went to be with the Lord in her sleep. Today is first day that I could actually sit at my computer and think about something other than her and it is only to tell you I will be absent for a while as I come to grips with my loss. Take care of yourselves and cherish every moment you have with your loved ones. Dan
  3. For me it comes down to intent. Was the presentation designed to illicit a strike like the streamer and stinger (for short strikes) then I would say no it's not snagging even though the hook did in fact snag the fish. If on the other hand a hook bare or dressed that is dragged through the water for the sole purpose of hooking a fish that has no intention of feeding then I would call that snagging. I think one is an action (snagging) and the other is a result (snagged) that are not mutually exclusive.
  4. Yeah, that's "flossing", different than pegging. That is 100% snagging in my opinion, as is pegging Learn something new every day...we don't get salmon or steehead runs down in my neck of the woods so the terminology is greek to me
  5. Don't know squat about salmon fishing but watched it being done in Alaska where the "anglers" were lined up darn near shoulder to shoulder dragging their 'flies" across the river. One local said the salmon aren't hungry just focused on their run and swim up stream with their mouths open and are hooked when the line slides through their mouth. If that's true then I would say snagging best describes it.... but like I said....I don't know squat about salmon fishing.
  6. Seems like the CEO and I think alike when it comes to customer service. Glad to see you are satisfied Salty.
  7. I for one gave him a chance.... but his continued lack of concern for other posters opinions and feelings far out weighed any positive contribution he might make, that I couldn't derive from another source. I for one am not willing to put up with endless grief on the hopes of a glimpse of something worthy...Thankfully the Admins have provided a solution
  8. First post: "Got the rod back but not the old tip. They admitted their mistake..." Go ahead Cold...kick the hornets nest one more time! I'm sick of this childish pursuit to prove your right by picking apart other members opinions. Apparently the concept of "agree to disagree" is one you don't condone so I am going to take the only appropriate action left to me and remove this nonsense and aggravation from my life by blocking you. Don't bother responding for my benefit because I will have already blocked you.
  9. Congrats Steve! I'm sure you will make your goals.
  10. Welcome Hops! Glad you are returning to your roots so to speak!
  11. Hey Brody The Copper John and Zebra are both bead heads as you know. The only other of the flies I mentioned that I fish with a bead head and without is the Woolly Bugger. I fish it with a bead head in still water and in deep pools or runs with good success. Good luck!
  12. You didn't mention where you will be fishing East, West or Midwest (or I missed it) cause we out west have slightly different choices. For dries I use Elk Hair Caddis or Stimulators. For wets/ Nymphs_ Soft Hackle Hare ear, Zebra Midge, Copper John, San Juan Worm Streamers_Black Crystal Bugger If I had to pick one of each they would be EHC, Hares Ear and the Bugger. These work for me (most of the time)
  13. I went with the Versileader for the same reasons you listed above and think it's the best option for where I fish. I will use the 7wt in the Owens River this fall when the big Browns and Cutties come up out of Crowley and I need a little more backbone.
  14. I kinda decided on this for my 19 year old granddaughter who is in love with the color pink....and red. 3 piece IM6 9' 5wt rod w/2 tips 5/6wt CNC Aluminum Reel
  15. Absolutely! Start em off right! LMAO!!!
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