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  1. Dave, Cape legend Tony Stetzko used to take big browns in those ponds on the booby fly at night. Especially around October when the browns are in close to spawn... break out some bigger topwater flies or the articulated stuff ________ my site _
  2. You may want to try some Coq De Leon (CDL) for tailing material, seems to work great for many dry patterns and is becoming quiet popular as a tail material in many patterns. Nicholas ________ my blog
  3. That's great then, thanks. So is there a consensus of which model is best overall then? ___________ yourbrides blog
  4. Indeed. On Friday I think. Nicely done by all, looking forward to the day I can use them. ___________ marrybrides blog
  5. I had a fair sized musky, ~40", bite through a 80lb flouro tippet without any problem
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