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  1. I have over 150 splake stocked lakes within a 3 hr drive of my home, and I have no idea what they look like. Last summer I gave stillwater fly fishing a try. I had good success catching rainbows but was a complete failure with the splake. The lakes are small to medium sized, and I would classify them as deep and oligotrophic. I believe they are stocked as put and take fish for ice fisherman. If any one has experience taking these fish with fly fishing techniques, that they could share it would be appreciated.
  2. swampsinger


    No one pays more attention to the bait than fly fisherman.
  3. swampsinger


    It could be an iso nymph they are also in that system. I have seen the isonychia spinners as well as march brown spinners [ephemera simulans]. A nearby river also has plenty of stone flies that are very close to your fly. these are the casings under a bridge. I usually use a large size pat rubber legs to imitate them.
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    I think the whole episode is worth watching , but you can see the nymphs around 4 min. and 13 min.
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    It has been a couple of years since I posted about this. I have tried a couple of prototype nymphs but still not satisfied. The rivers that I fish and that I see these mayflies on are dominated by smallmouth bass and fallfish, no trout. I don't think the smallmouth ever get selective about feeding so its easy to fall into a pattern of fishing with steamers, they work quite well. I experiment when I get bored. The "atros" never seem to be a large hatch. I tie a large size dark brown klinkhammer that provides some fun when the spinners are active. As far as I can determine they are a burrowing /swimming black nymph. This summer I'll try and persevere with stream sampling other than picking up the odd rock. I think I saw this nymph on an episode of The new fly fisher. They were on "my" river and discussing crayfish and I'm sure they had one of these nymphs in the sample jar. I'll see if I can find a link.
  6. Online sales killed my "local" fly shop.
  7. Sorry if I misled you. I don't have an orvis reel, but I am considering upgrading to a reel that has that feature. I suppose I can give them a call tomorrow and find out.
  8. My 8 wt reel can't "free spool" line in like the 5 wt. I like this feature to manage line and quickly put fish on the reel. I guess the 8 wt is just a cheap poor design.
  9. Does the Hydros sl have "reeling in line resistance"? I currently have a 5 wt reel that picks line up easily, by just spinning the arbor.
  10. I thought I would update y'all. I added a small amount of bees wax to the ferrules, and it worked great, 4 outings and I've forgotten I had a problem. thanks
  11. Thanks, I have wax close to hand. I'll clean the ferrules and try it.
  12. My trusty 5 wt that I've used for my entire fly fishing career {all 3 yrs}, is giving me trouble lately and seems to getting worse. The ferrules come apart regularly. Is there a quick fix for this? I suppose I could just super glue and make it into a two or one piece.
  13. I practice regularly. I have lots of room so I can keep a rod assembled in the work shop, then I can just step outside and give it a go. When I first started I would practice 15 to 30 mins a day, now maybe once a week or tune up before a trip along with fishing locally a couple of times a week. Regular practice especially when your learning helps develop the muscle memory that's make casting second nature. I find when I practice, I concentrate on the mechanics of casting, when I'm fishing I'm trying to catch fish and worry less about the casting technique.
  14. I think Florida is a fantastic place to try saltwater fly fishing. Beaches and wadable grass flats are readily available and don't require to much equipment to get going. Good Luck, hope the second day is better than the first.
  15. Sorry, looked a little further and I found someone who stocks Daiichi 2421 in # 10 & 12.
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