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  1. Oh okay that makes sense, thanks for the info steeldrifter
  2. So I decided to take a closer look at a few of my rods sitting in their tubes and assembled one of them and noticed looking down the blank there is a curve in the rod going to the right. Never seen that before in any of my rods (or at least havent noticed). Should I have any concern for the rod? Anyone else seen this before? Its a redington classic trout 4 weight and I've never had a chance to fish with it.
  3. So I was looking on youtube and came across a tier who tied up a parachute adams with super hair for the abdomen. It looks like cravens juju flies, and when I saw it naturally I wanted to try it out, what I want to know is has anyone else done this? Is there a cheaper alternative to super hair? I found wapsi Supreme hair but is there anything else? (pretty much broke at this point now). I remember reading that thread color really matters too since the hair is translucent. So I'm guessing I can get away with a few colors of super hair. Here are some pictures that I saw the tier had up on FB from a while back. Some seem to use white super hair or clear? https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.405879106149527.89476.368193063251465&type=3
  4. I pretty much label everything and then when I go to tie I make little bins with the required material needed for what ever I'm tying. If I don't do that then ill end up with a complete mess lol.
  5. Will do PHG, I did want to take them out on the water once I tied up some flies but that's not going to happen for a while considering I just moved down to Fayetteville from NJ, I'm waiting on getting a car here. Plan on moving out to the western part of the state once I'm done with school.
  6. I've decided to buy a few packs and see how it goes more so the 7013 dry fly in 20-24. Well see how that goes.
  7. well I already have allens D103S down to a 22 and the N304 down to a size 24, issue is for that smaller size 24 in the same style as the D103S being a flat eye dry fly hook. I'm thinking I'm gunna have to just fork up some money for some TMC 101's. As for the regular dry I'll probably go with Dai riki same with the style I was looking for since it goes down to a 24. Kind of a bummer though lol. Was hoping saber wasn't a bad hook considering they have the shapes and sizes I like. And at 6.99 for a hundred too.
  8. I've been looking at these on flyshacks site and wanted to know if anyone had tried out the smaller sizes of their Straight Eye dry fly #7013 and their #7015 hooks. Specifically in sizes #20 - #24. I can't seem to find much info on these hooks at all. I saw a few mentions of them on here. Trying to avoid buying pricier brands at this point (cheap due to extremely tight budget). I mainly use Allen hooks but their standard dry only goes down to a #20, the N201 (whose shape I like for simple midges only goes down to a #20) and the straight eye (D103S) goes to a #22. Thanks in advance ~Mike
  9. Ive been using those stow and go organizers. The carousel design is pretty cool.
  10. HEY! Im Michael, ive been on here before but decided to actually join this time. I've been tying for a few years now (don't get to fish all that much due to lack of a car and trout water being so far away from me, not really into any other species even though bass water is all around me ha). I've been fishing since I was 5? I want to say around 5 years old, took a small break from for for a few years and then suddenly decided to jump into fly tying a few years back. I was 19 at the time currently 22.I figured It would be nice to join what seems to be a really pretty down to earth community. Hope I fit in! ~Mike
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