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  1. Made the mistake of thinking it would be a cheaper way to have lots of flies . Found out the hard way that in the long run I could have bought all my flies from the Dettes and come out cheaper. I kept on tying because it was so much more fun than buying them and there is really nothing like catching a good fish on a fly you tied yourself.haven't made the leap to building my own rods as of yet but if I live till retirement age I may try that also.I am a natural borne tinkerer ( runs in the family ) so any little thing I can make I make. I tie my own gut leaders ,flies , and load all the ammo ( 16 cartridges ) even rolled my own cigarettes till I quit 15 years ago. I tie mostly nymphs and streamers. That's what I fish the most of so it is also a lot handier to tie them myself than to wait for someone else to ship me replacements. There is no fly shop within 100 miles of me as far as I know. I fish Bamboo, old glass , old and older reels, silk lines ( I restore all mine too ) ,gut leaders . You get the picture ! Since I never did an introduction when I joined this board I guess this will have to do. Eddie Southgate <*))))>< Minor Hill, Tennessee
  2. Two boot boxes full, however many that is. That's mostly Danville or Uni . I also have a couple of shoe boxes ( about 6x12 ) full of Pearsalls tying silk and floss. I don't think 30 is obscene at all .
  3. Mama used to say " Beauty is only skin deep but ugly's to the bone " I'd say that vise rates only skin deep . My Scottish ancestors salute you Sir ! I'd use it .
  4. Mines kinda like hashbrowns at Waffle House.......Scattered....Covered.....and Smothered.
  5. The only graphite fly rod I still own is an 8" Loomis GL3 3wt. I fish a lot of Bamboo and Fiberglass and dearly love them both. To me they are better rods but I wouldn't say that they should suit everyone. I am not a good caster and graphite is harder for me to use because of it being stiffer ( faster ) , I don't really seem to feel it load. Not so ( for me ) with boo of good glass. I never seem to notice the weight of either being any different than graphite when used with the proper weight reel. It's good that there are choices in materials to be had to suit your taste now days. If you want to see what heavy really feels like try one of the Bristol steel rods that were still fairly commonly in use when I started fishing or a Heddon Life Pal ( Steel also ). Believe it or not they both cast pretty good , they were just heavy as .... Best Regards <*)))))>< Eddie
  6. Don't know squat about a kyak but I just bought my youngest son a set on type at Tractor Supply. It is a Sundolphin Journey 10 SS sold as a fishing Kyak. Complete with paddle and on a Memorial day sale it was $ 249 + tax. It has two built in ( deep tubes ) rod holders behind the seat and comes with a swiveling holder that plugs into a console in front of the seat.It also has several storage compartments. Like I said I don't know Kyaks but my son really likes it and the price was right. Eddie <*))))><
  7. I'll take one of those any day and be happy.
  8. Well........Seems I can reply to a thread or start a new one everywhere but Timely tips . Is that normal ? Eddie <*))))><
  9. It looks great to me especially for a first attempt. I can't tie one that nice.I think it would look just a tad better with the jungle cock a bit more centered in the wing with the tips evened up a bit .Congratulations !
  10. Thank you both for all your help . Your suggestion worked. Best Regards <*)))))>< Eddie Southgate
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