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  1. Thanks all, I finally decided to go with the Renzetti since the shop I go to did not carry the atlas.
  2. That's great then, thanks. So is there a consensus of which model is best overall then?
  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply, I understand they are all rotary, however only the Atlas seems to have the ability to adjust the jaws height so the hook shank is inline with the center of rotation. From my research the other two did not seem to be able to do that, therefore, while some hook sizes will work well, others will be off center unless I'm missing something... On this video, the reviewer shows this issue against a ruler (min 8:20) If what you are saying is that can be adjusted on the other two vises, then that would be great! Thanks
  4. New member here, want to get into fly tying big time, but wanted to make sure I invested into a good quality vise that I won't have to upgrade later. I narrowed it down to the Peak Rotary, the Wolff Atlas and the Renzetti Traveller. They all seem similar, though some have plastic pieces. Do you have any experience with them or any other you would like to recommend? I'm leaning towards the Atlas just because it seems like a true rotary where you can adjust the center of rotation depending on the size hook you choose. (Most of the flies will be used on my 9ft6wt clearwater, mainly for trout/bass/pan fish, no saltwater) So far I love streamers. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
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