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  1. Hey thanks everyone for all the input. I got a little busy with stuff but I got back to it a couple days ago and my results are getting better. I think the lighting is the key to what I've been getting and I increased the distance a little and used the zoom to see if there's a difference. If I figure out how to post pictures I'll show some of the results. Getting there but still not perfect. But of course I'm never satisfied so thats how it goes.... Tomorrow I'm off to Idaho so I'll be back at this again next week D
  2. Thanks all for the replies. That helps out a lot. I'm changing the lights out first. I'll try the daylight bulbs and the daylight setting. I've been using a manual focus and the auto function with the macro settings. Sometimes it works, not always. I do think I will back up a little and use the zoom. The depth of field is pretty tight on some patterns I'm trying to get.
  3. Hello all. I'm new to photography, in a way.... lets say I'm not very good at this point. ..and I'm trying to get some good macro shots of flies with a completely white background. So far i'm not having too much luck with getting the pure white color for the backdrop. Is this a trick in the photo editing software or is my lighting not right? I'm using sort of a homemade "light tent" with tissue paper as a light filter on a white card. I have a basic Nikon setup with a regular 18-55 lens on a macro setting. Nothing fancy but it should work. I'm having an especially hard time with all black flies coming in focus ... Also I scanned though the topics a ways and didn't see anything right off, but if this has already been discussed in another post, just point and I'll find it eventually Thanks all Dave
  4. Well I don't know how many I have, but apparently not enough. Its cicada pattern time and I was just looking for UTC 140 orange. none... I have a sewing rack that has about 40 pegs on it and two spools per peg. Its full and I have about 10 more in a drawer. This is including all the wire spools also. ...but no 140 orange
  5. I first started drinking coffee in the military so for years I would just drink "anything". Then I took a trip down to Costa Rica a few times. Down there the coffee grown in the shade goes for twice the price as non shade grown coffee. Somehow its supposed to be better. I wouldn't know because every kind I tried down there was awesome. So now I order whole bean coffee straight from costa rica ten pounds at a time. ...and it costs about the same.
  6. For largemouth in the southwest the majority of the fishes come on patterns 4 inches or smaller. However, I do have some yak hair patterns up to 8" long that I use from time to time. But in general, anything over 4" or so and the catch ratio starts going down. For smallmouth I go smaller, usually about 3" or so is perfect.
  7. Greetings. I've been here off and on before and finally decided to do it right and interact a little more. I've been tying since I was nine years old and fly fishing since I was eleven. I'm a native of AZ so most of my fishing is for bass and I tie and develop a lot of warm water patterns. But I do fish all over the west for trouts, mostly in Idaho and Utah.
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