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  1. I got mine today too! Great looking flies now I just need to use them.
  2. OK Everyone! The flies went out this morning straight to a retreat in Arkansas/Texas on Oct 28th-30th. I sent J. Stockard another thank you and pictures of the flies. Since they were not sent to the "Casting for Recovery" corporate office in Vermont, I also sent them the pictures and a thank you for what they do. Attached is the picture I took with all the flies in the boxes. Two of the flies wouldn't fit in the boxes so I placed them in a separate box and sent them that way. They are the two in front of the fly boxes in the picture. I want to personally thank everyone for doing this swap (donation) as this is the first one I have hosted. Everything was very smooth and all flies got here right on time. As I was wrting this message, I just received an email from Wendy at the Casting for Recovery (posted below) "Hi Rob, OMG!!! These flies are gorgeous!!! We are so grateful that you are thinking of us and the women we serve. With the inaugural SE Regional Retreat there are so many parts that need to be organized. Susan was so happy to hear that flies wouldn't be something that needed to be obtained for the women. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Best, Wendy"
  3. I already bought him some fly tying tools to get started. I was talking to my wife last night and told her we probably need to buy him some materials so he can tie what he wants to. Of course, when you buy hackles and other things there is so much material that it would take a life time for me to use it all. I think I may go through my stuff and do some splitting of materials so he has some materials. He was up late last night tying up a bunch of flies. I had to tell him to get to bed about midnight! LOL I had no doubt he would get hooked on fly fishing and tying since he is an avid outdoor sportsman. We were hunting Friday morning and fishing Friday evening. Like you said, I am glad he is into these things instead of what some of our youth are into these days.
  4. He tied up a flying ant and some beetles and caught this little fish today on one of his beetles. I can't get him to smile for any picture I take, but believe me he is having fun. He came home and tied some more up. I am going to have to hide my fly tying materials or he may use them all! LOL
  5. I know this was back in August when I said I was going to take my son out and teach him how to fly fish, well we finally made it out to fish. HE IS HOOKED!! He was able to catch a couple fish and had a blast. They were some small sunfish, but at least he caught something! He did hook into about a 1 pound bass, but got it to the boat and it got off. This afternoon we sat down and had him tie up some small beetle flies (same thing he caught those fish on) and he is hooked tying flies now too! We took them fishing and neither one of us caught anything, but he is determined to catch a fish on a fly he tied himself. He is sitting here now trying to tie a bunch of beetles and wants to go fishing again tomorrow. I also showed him how to tie up some wooly buggers/worms and is planning on tying some of those too! I want to thank everyone for the suggestions they provided. I think I have created a monster. He loves it!
  6. Yes they did provide the fly boxes. I have already thanked them several times and promised I would send them pictures of the flies in the boxes as soon as I get them done. I am going try and get this all done and sent to Casting for Recovery tomorrow or Friday.
  7. I already had my camera out so I took this real quick...Great set of flies!
  8. I was able to get the individual pictures done. They aren't the best photos, but this is the first time I have taken pictures of flies! I am going to take some pictures with the flies in the boxes before they are sent and post them too, hopefully later this evening or tomorrow. Thanks again to everyone who participated!
  9. Received my flies! Awsome looking flies! Thanks for hosting Troutguy!
  10. Everyone please give me a chance to get these photographed over the next couple of days and I will get them posted and sent. My Father in Law passed yesterday, so please give me those couple of days. Thank you everyone for contributing to this great cause! These are some awsome looking flies and I am sure they will all enjoy fishing everyone of these "pink" flies while at their retreat down south. I also want to thank everyone who sent me some extras. This was the first swap I have hosted and really enjoyed it! Everything was sent on time! GREAT SWAP (DONATION)! Thanks again, FishinorHuntin (Rob)
  11. Adam...No they haven't made it yet. I don't think we got mail today, so hopefully I will get them tomorrow.
  12. I pray for all anywhere in that area from Haiti North. I was stationed in New Orleans when Katrina went through there. It is not a sight I ever want to see again in my lifetime!! I know there is several on this board that live in that area. All please be safe!!
  13. I just wanted them labled some how so I know whos flies I am receiving. I am only waiting on your 2 sets and I think I can figure it out. I know flats lives in Florida and add147 doesn't, so it is a good. By the way, Flats...How did you fair in the storm? I hope everything is good with you and your family! Hope everyone else that lives in Florida, Georgia, SC and NC stays safe too! We are going to miss the roughest part in in Eastern Virgina. We are supposed to get a lot of rain and maybe some winds around 35 to 50 mph, but not as bad as our neighbors to the south.
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