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  1. I will chime in as well that cork doesn't last as long. The fish will really damage them if hit by teeth. Especially true with small poppers and sunfish. I have used wine bottle corks and corks for collection vials. They ride well and really pop.
  2. I have found that by adding a few wraps of lead to the hook helps Perfect Poppers sit better in the water; helps put hook in fish's bite zone and the added angle in relation to surface really allows the bug to POP! Before this my Perfect Poppers did not POP as well. Tally ho! ********************************************** "Hope burns always in the heart of a fisherman." - Zane Grey
  3. Just found your site recently. I like it. I have been in Stillwater, OK for 22 years, moving here from Lansing, Mich. Oklahoma's two year-round trout fisheries are a bit far to drive for frequent outings. I mainly fish warm water species. Black bass is first, and then white bass and hybrid stripers. Panfish are often sought. Below the dams on the Arkansas River (Kaw and Keystone dam) I have caught all sorts of things besides the above. Other things have been saug-eye, channel catfish, flathead catfish, gar, drum and even a big gizzard shad once. You never know what may take your fly. My favourite fishing is steelhead, but i don't get too many chances to do that anymore. My steelhead haunts are NW Indiana and Lake Michigan tributaries in MIchigan. I am a professional entomologist. Earned my Doctorate at Kansas State U in 1991, specializing in insect genetics. Taxonomy and phylogenetics are also interests. My most fished trout water is in Colorado where family live; my stream there is the N. Fork of the Poudre La Cache near Ft. Collins. Other family places are Central Penna, where I have fished many small streams since who knows when. I run English springer spaniels and golden retrievers; they help keep me stocked with mallard flank and many other materials. Tally ho! Kevin
  4. I really don't hate any fish. After writing that, however, I don't like carp. I don't like touching them (slime). The most annoying things I have hooked on a fly were 1) a Nerodia water snake; and 2) a Red-eared slider turtle. A few days ago on the pond a bull frog grabbed a bass popper.
  5. Megaloptera: Corydalidae Both dobsonflies and fishflies are in this family. I agree it is a fishfly, subfamily Chauliodinae.
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