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  1. I started tying up some collins electric stonefly. You can find it on youtube. I am in Northern NJ. I learned how to fly fish on the Casselman when i was a student at WVU 20 years ago. I still go back to fish the Savage, it is one of my favorite rivers. I have been tying then in a size 16, i rarely get topwater action on them when they are hatching.
  2. That is pretty tame for a message board, lol. Thanks guys i appreciate the responses, i am a new tyer and found a cool soft hackle lbs from john collins on youtube that should work well.
  3. I am on the east coast and the little black stones will be here soon. What do you guys find effective for the hatch. I am more curious if any of you fish soft hackles during the hatch. Dry fly fishing here is pretty sporadic at best for them.
  4. Just starting to pick up the items i need to begin tying. I am 39 and have been fly fishing since my late teens, recently gotten into bamboo rods, and hopefully tying next. Currently live in NJ and have wild trout within 5-10 minutes in a few different directions. I am probably not going to be posting all much as i am going to be doing a lot of reading in the beginning.
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