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  1. I got mine today and they look great. Thanks for hosting the swap. Austin
  2. Thanks for hosting this swap for us. Austin
  3. i dont mind waiting for a few days either Austin
  4. fly time im 16 but ive been tying and fly fishing since about 9. I live about 3 and a half hours from a trout stream so i spend a lot of time tying instead. Austin
  5. thanks fly time i was in the trestrial swap and the sz 20 or smaller swap.
  6. My flies were sent out friday so they should be arriving soon. The green one is for you. Austin
  7. My flies have been done for a while and i will try to get them in the mail this week.
  8. My flies are done, please pm me your address Austin
  9. Last time I was at the fly shop i picked up some tan CDC and I think I'll give it a try even though its the wrong color, just to see how well it works. OLB- I really like your idea and Im definatly going to try that. Thanks Austin
  10. November 20th sounds good to me Austin
  11. Thanks for all the help. The flies im tying are very small(20- 28), and the main problem I'm having is what Ted said, my wings are folding over on to the fly. Austin
  12. I was wondering what you guys used for the wings on your spinners. I've been using white antron, but I am wanting to try something new. Any suggestions are appreciated. Austin
  13. I'll join with a sz 14 red copper john Austin
  14. I also got my flies today and they all look great. Thanks for hosting Austin
  15. i got my flies to and they all look great Thanks, Austin
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