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  1. In addition to fly tying it looks like some serious partying goes on in that room !
  2. I think everyone gets it and it’s time to let the subject go..
  3. Thanks Sandan. Already on the mend and yes I was playing possum with that coachman hoping that I’d get fillet but I all I got was “Well well that’s a (gulp) mighty nice fly. Lol. Bad part of the accident is that June and September are my two favorite months to fish and the weather has turned beautiful in New England but the ribs have knocked me out of the game.
  4. Thanks Mark. Bike in much better shape than I. Just the flat which did the damage.
  5. Riding my bike Chugster on a familiar route as I have done 100’s of times and my front tire had a flat and wedged into my front brake pads and threw me over the bars and into the road. Knocked me out and I had my first ride in an ambulance and a 2 day hospital stay. Ribs hurt so much I wanted to stay longer believe it or not. Thanks for asking.
  6. By the way I had a friend today out fishing and he hook and landed an18in rainbow on a Partridge & Orange sz 22 !!! God bless him !
  7. Been nursing 3 broken ribs and it’s torture to sit at the tying desk right now. Here’s a “March Brown”I tied over last winter.
  8. You’ve been such a nice guy on this forum Mark Knapp. You must have a heart of gold. 🙂
  9. Lol. Fire away Sandan as I’m just having a little fun. The hackle is actually guard hairs from a dead possum that’s been in the backyard most of the summer. I did a split thread dub and wrapped it at the head. It’s a little odorous and I’ve been wondering if that will be a plus in the fish catching department.
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