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  1. You're right! In Kelly Galloup's video, he uses buggerbou which has much shorter fibers then your standard strung Marabou. When wet, the fly did taper off really well and looked minnow like. . Looks like I need to tie a few more!
  2. Perhaps it swimming off canter will help! Time will tell! My local ponds are still waking up.
  3. Recently watched Kelly galloup's how to a few times and tried my hand at the fly. Really happy with results but upon testing, found at the fly tilted to one side more than the other. Just wondering if anyone else had issues with streamers doing this and how you solved them. Second part and my question is is anyone fish streamers with small barrel swivels? To possibly help with leader twist.
  4. Green Holy Grail Caddis Emerger in size 14.
  5. Still learning the ropes. Trying a CDC Elk Hair Caddis from tightline video... the hair is fighting me at the moment.
  6. My attempt at the Holy Grail Caddis Nymph...having trouble with getting tight dubbing.
  7. Olive Bugger..still learning the ropes.
  8. Tied a few of these. Might have over did it with the weight though..wrapped shank with lead free wire. Now need an opportunity to test em.
  9. appreciate the comments! I am going to do a little research before buying a $20 bag of feathers! I think i am going to put my dry fly tying aspirations on hold. The Ausable Ugly pattern looks promising. I do not have muskrat but i have some grey marabou that might work ok. An Adams wet fly?....gotta try that one too! Again thanks. Going to focus on wets for awhile.
  10. Says Hen....Could these be used for soft hackle wet flies? Im thinking my dry Adams plans are on the back burner?
  11. Hello, This is my first post. I am new to fly tying and was attempting to tie an Adams Dry so I made a purchase thinking i had all i needed to tie this pattern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOYxWjQfYpg&list=PLz42K_a_F18T14_FXzAjUZVViQVtz2s52&index=52 I purchased a large amount of METZ #1 saddle grizzly hackle thinking i could use it for both the wings and hackle wrapped body. The grizzly hackle works fine for the wings but not so much for wrapping the hook. Its way to webby and does not flair out. The hackle clumps as i wrap it. Is this the wrong kind of hackle for wrapping around dry flies? Besides wings..what other use is there for this webby feather? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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