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  1. What are these clear circular containers called and/or where do you purchase them?
  2. Hook storage is a big issue. I like the box Wapsi has made with thin clear plastic boxes that slide out, but I can find anything similar on the market that is that thin.
  3. Some of you know I am going to build a top section/cabinet for my current secretary desk. I have abandoned that idea because it is already a beautiful desk and I don't want to ruin it. In lieu of that, I have designed to design and build my own from scratch. Currently, I am in just the design process and want to hear from you guys. Specifically, I want to know what features YOU think are imperative, useful, and ingenious design features you like to see in a desk. One feature I am definitely going to include is a built-in "waste deposit" you see in some desks. What other things do you want to see in an ideal fly tying desk? What do you think of this method of storing hackle? I think it's ingenious and would work well. I have decided on this basic shape, so now I'm interested in the finer details that make the whole desk functional:
  4. So if Umpqua is really Tiemco in disguise, what is the "U Series"? They at least have a different nomenclature. I.e., instead of TMC-101 it's Ump-xxx.
  5. Just had a few pictures here lately I wanted to share that don't fit in any other thread. My backpack/rod case from vacation last week. And then a picture of me and my father this week (I'm the prettier one. lol). Feel free to post any random fly fishing-related pictures you have.
  6. I thought creek chub have a distinct lateral line
  7. I have no clue what it is. I caught it in north Georgia in a mountain stream. Caught it on a yellow wooly worm.
  8. What do you guys mean it is chipping? The black paint or the metal itself?
  9. So you're not really buying Umpqua hooks. You're buying Tiemco hooks. Does Umpqua even make its own hooks?
  10. I thought Tiemco was it's own company. But then I saw Umpqua with Tiemco on it. So what's the story?
  11. So, dubbing is a more modern method? I figured it was an older way of doing things.
  12. I've only had one feather. It was black and goldish until you got to the edges, it turned a reddish brown. That feather came with kit so I thought it was low quality. I looked at the store today at entire tails, they were all the same way. Is this how they naturally are? Does it have a bearing on quality?
  13. I think I feel comfortable buying these off the internet but I want a reputable company to purchase them from. Preferably a company that has all the options for these. And again a reputable company. So, what suggestions do you guys have?
  14. Yea I'm ordering a pedestal vice this next weekend. Going with a Regal Medallion.
  15. I decided I'm going to go with something like this. One thing I need to figure out though is hook storage. I saw you can buy pre-made hook storage shelf thing with thin plastic/magnetic trays. I want that built in though, just where the trays slide in to the cabinet itself. I'lll probably do that by removing one of the six drawers in this picture.
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