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  1. sadflyx, what are you using for disks on the sonic streamers? I know they move some water and lots of fish in some of the local hydro habitat. Nice work on all of these... Keep posting I looked through the thread but didn't see an answer. I am also curious about the disks on the streamers.
  2. What is the best bang for the buck rotary vise?
  3. Thanks, I like the looks of the Buford and I might actually be able to tie one with my limited skill set. I want to go on a trip this fall which is the point of asking about practice flies.
  4. You won't catch as many fish below the McApline dam like that. I stood beside Billy Wilson from the Louisville, KY Orvis store, on several occasions, he had depth charge line and I had full floating with a bunch of split shot sinkers He was catching and I was not. I started using the depth charge line and I started catching. I struggle with the striping basket which you have to use, because the line sinks and gets tangled in the rocks below your feet. Clouser minnows are best there with bunny strips and other streamers in second place.
  5. I hope this is the right forum, if not please move it to the proper location. Derby City Fly Fishers are hosting a show this weekend, Saturday Januaray 27th, 2018 9am-5pm. I plan to attend, if work doesn't rear its ugly head. I can't find much information about who or what will be there. I believe Stealth Craft Boats will be there, I saw it on StealhCraft's website. https://derbycityflyfishers.com/event/kentuckiana-fly-fishing-show/
  6. I use the sinking line below Mcalpine dam from the Indiana side and the tail water of green river Reservoir near Campbellsville KY. Both have varying amounts of current and the sinking line does better in current.
  7. I probably should have asked what size practice fly would be best. I tied a large Game Changer style fly and when it is wet, it is extremely difficult to hoist it out of the water, so weight was on my mind.
  8. It went fine, I had to duck a few times. I am primarly working on getting good loops, trying to double haul and increase my distance. If my piggy bank allows, I want to take a trip this fall. I haven't decided where, but if I decide to spend the money on a guide, I probably should learn to cast.
  9. I primarily use Orvis Depth Charge. I can't remember how many grams. Billy Wilson at the Orvis Store in Louisville ordered it and put it on the spool. I have a 12 wt saltwater rod from Cabelas with one of their reels. I have an additional spool with Cabelas floating line that I rarely use unless fishing shallow or top water.
  10. I am green as grass and have decided I want to catch a muskie on my fly rod. I have caught a few muskie on conventional tackle but not very many and no giants. I want to tie a practice fly because I really need to work on my casting. What size and approximate weight should I tie? I like to search first and post last, I can't seem to find the search function.
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