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  1. Thanks Dave. It seems no matter which ones I tie, having checked on what is hatching that time of year, I invariably have none of what the fly shop and guide recommends. In the 6 or 7 trips that I have made, I have caught trout on several different flies which leads me to believe if I use a fly that is close to what is either hatching or under the rocks I might do as well. On my first few trips I went out with the same guide who taught me what to look for under the rocks, in the air and how to read the water to know where the trout lie. I go out with him now on every trip as I still have a lot to learn, but it sure is fun.
  2. Thanks Jaydub & Johnnyquahog for the info. Obviously I am still a novice tyer even though Ive been tying for a few years. Living in north Florida there isn't anyone near me to learn from. I get out to my daughters in Colorado once a year to fish and would love to catch a trout on my own flies. I have caught some Browns, a Greenback Cutthroat, a few Rainbows and one Brook on the Big T about 2 miles from the Gem lake trailhead. Landing a trout is just a bonus to the beautiful scenery.
  3. Can anyone advise on a good source of quality elk hair, etc? Thanks.
  4. When I use the stacker tool a lot of the tips are still not even. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help.
  5. I have elk hair that is curved through the shaft, but when I see pictures and videos of tying the elk hair is straight. Have I bought bad elk hair or is my prepping technique poor. Also any tips on dubbing would be helpful. I have a problem getting the dubbing and thread to wrap around each other as in the videos on this forum. Thanks for any help.
  6. I like Charlie Cravens book as he explains, with pictures illustrating each step. He begins the book with the techniques of tying on thread, the use of dubbing, etc.
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