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  1. Day All Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year I am New to Site and Tying Was looking to get instructions and help for Eggsucking Leechs and WoolyBuggers.They seem to be easy to get started with. Have to start somewhere Thanks All,Ron
  2. Day All Interested in this file. Can't seem to open it. Can anyone direct me to find Excel file openers? Thanks,Ron
  3. Day All On another thread you talk about Breathables. I just got a Pair of Hodgemans Wadlite. In haist to use them I lost all the paper work to the wind. I bought them away from Home and now am trying to track down a Web site incase I run into probs in the future(Hope not). If anyone can Direct me I would appreciate it. Thanks,Ron
  4. Thank you OSD. Thats the reel w/ the case being Blue instead of Red. 1948?Should be kept as a Show Piece for sure.
  5. Day All Figured this was a question for the Lads and Las's on this site. A freind has given me a Hardy Fly Reel. "The Featherweight" is engraved on the back along w/"Made by Hardy Bros.Ltd England".It's app.3.75 in's in Diameter and .75 in's Wide.Also has a case thats Tan and zippered in the center w/ Blue top and bottom. Gold lettering is showing age. He says he also received it from a freind that used it while traveling through Europe. Theres 3 questions here. 1) we are trying to find out the age of this piece? 2) anyone have an idea what this may be worth? 3) If I decide to use it,what size rod should it be matched with? The reel is not going to be sold.Depending on the age it may just be a show piece. Or can you direct me to a site which may answer these Questions. Thank You All,Ron
  6. Thanks OSD That seems to be the consensise I get from All I have spoken to. That will be done,and I'm trying to replace the tio guide w/ a tip top instead of the guide Thanks Again for your time and Wisdom It's also been strongly suggested NOT to remove the extra 1.5" at the tip,it'll change the action and void the warrenty. Later,Ron
  7. The rod measures 13' assembled In 2 the tip is 1.5" longer, The guide on the Female ferrile is right at the joint The male inserts close to 3".There's no wrap after the guide for strenght,just thread on the guide
  8. Thats right. I found out earlier it may not be a factory rod because of the lenght differences Sorry its a 13'. I wanted a 14'
  9. Better late than never Welcome Duffin Boy Also New to the site and from Ottawa Hear ya (think we all do)about the wife selling everything for what we say we paid. If they only new. Like we keep hearing"Boys and Their Toys"
  10. Sorry for the late reply en4cer Thanks,if you could keep me informed I'd appriciate that. We're planning a trip beginning of Mar. If not then we're definatly up for Openner in Apr. Thanks Again,Ron PS.buy the way,Did you find what you were looking for?
  11. Hi All, Question for OSD I just got a rod built for me from the US. I'm in Ontario and trying to avoid the time lost on returning to have things redone. The rod is for a CenterPin reel. It's a St.Croux SCIII,14',Fast action,6-10lb rating. My question's are,On the upper section of the blank it is approx 1.5" longer than the lower section. Is this Normal?Can the extra length be trimmed off the Tip to make both sections Equal length? Do all other guides have to be moved to copensate for the change? Also the first guide(coming from the handle) is set right at the joint on the top section,.Is this advisable? Also the tip is not inserted into the first guide.The tip guide is tide on same as other guides.Actually it looks like the rod broke here and is missing the Tip.Also making the top of the rod looking even longer.Will the preasure of Fighting a fish pull this off? Do appriciate any help you can offer. Thanks in Advance,Ron
  12. Locations and bait they keep to themselfs. Reels,Rods........most equipment they'll help out w/. I'm from Ottawa,Ont. and we travel to Port Hope, Cobourg Spring/Fall for Steels and Salomn. Don't fish much in the Big Lake,but the tribs have a lot to offer.
  13. en4cer Heres a site that I found very helpful. http://www.questoutdoors.net/skills/centerpin/ Also this site can be very helpful. http://www.floatfishing.net/ The lads there are as helpful as everyone here. Good Luck w/ your pin. Later,Hope these Help,Ron
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