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  1. The cabin is in a Hunt & Fish club with 5 private lakes and some small mountin streams, with the Rio Grande River just 8 miles away to the headwaters.
  2. I started tying about a year ago...I struggle, but the flys are getting better and my technique is improving slowly. Anyway...My wife and I have been saving for a small cabin for years and late this Summer we found the right deal. the former owners live out of state and decided it was too much trouble and expense to move their stuff out of the cabin, so they sold it as is with everything that was in the cabin and on the property, Furniture, dishes and well you get the idea. As we were sorting through the stuff and re-organizing the cabin, I located a box of feathers and hooks and patches of deer hair and other stuff, and then I found a new "Tying Set" of tools and a vise. There was also an old Herters 8 1/2 fly rod with a Herters Auto-Reel in the shed. Looks like the owners had been starting down the road to tying. I found some attempts at flys that make some of mine look good...there were some good ones too that put mine to shame. His wife sewed, and it looks like he was tying with heavy sewing thread. I will fish his flys and tie when I am there in the evening and when it isn't fishing weather. Funny how things work out.
  3. This is also one of my favorite rivers. I like to fish above the lake as well. Beautiful fish congrats Scott
  4. Nice job on the station. Looks very comfortable and usable.
  5. Sounds and looks like a great trip. Congrats
  6. I saw this and went to the Coleman Collectors site and bought a Colemen heater...it will replace the fire. I have a 4 Runner that I sleep in now it will have magnetic screens and a tarp cover, roof top carrier and heat and Scotch or Bourbon... Your project looks great!
  7. When I bought waders, I looked at boot foot to save some $$. Redington had some with good reviews, the FroggTogs looked good and I liked the Red Head waders...all were under the $100 mark. I would have purchased the Red Head But I decided that I wanted a better fitting boot...all the bootfoot waders seemed a little loose, My hunting bootfoot waders have a loose fitting boot too. In Colorado the rivers are known for lots of rocks so a boot that fits snug was a must for me...so I bought Cabela's Guid Wear waders on sale and a set of wading boots...cost more but it was what I needed.
  8. Beautiful Rods...what 1st Class work. Never thought about wanting a spey rig...but after seeing those...I want a spey rig...Have fun with them
  9. Its kind of a hit or miss...funny...not funny....its worth wading through 2 not funny for the one funny
  10. Ok the Kennedy Tackel box arrived and it is way big...so back to plan a or b or....This is a mil-spec tool bag. here is the kit just missing supplies. Pleased at what I have it is a mirror copy of my equipment at the house. Add Supplies and thread and it should produce flys....
  11. Holy Cow! That is a work of art...a beauty for sure!
  12. OK...so I think I have decided to go old school...or at least that's the direction I started. I tie on an old Model A Fish Medalists and fiberglass...so I thought a repurposed tackle box from the 60s would be cool to carry my portable kit. Got an old Kennedy but it isn't here yet...I'll post pics when it gets here.
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