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  1. One day, on an old favorite lake, while fishing I watched a cicada flying across the lake,it hit the water and was immediately gobbled up. This happened several times then I saw a good sized fish jump to grab one in the air. Is there a foam cicada pattern with a video to tie it?
  2. Thank you Mikechell, I'll keep that in mind. It's just that I never catch any gills on the poppers, I figured a longer shank would get more hook ups. You may be right on that these are smaller fish.
  3. That is a drag. Mine has no drag , it's all thumb and forefinger.
  4. I really like the TFO Lefty Kreh. It picks up the line well and lays it down straight. I've caught quite a few 3lb class bass, both lm and sm and it played them well. I hooked one huge grass carp while fishing with a 4lb test leader and after a few minutes he decided it was time to go and it went, with my fly.lol The only rod I can compare it too are a couple cheapo fiberglass rods and there is no comparison.
  5. Howdy!! I've been trying to fly fish for about four years. I just started tying about a month ago. I have a starter set up from bass pro and have made some foam beetles,San Juan worm and woolly huggers. I asked a friend if he knew of a cicada pattern and he told me about this forum. I mostly fish for bass and bluegill. My flyrod is a 7wt 9ft Temple Fork Outfitters Lefty Krey with scientific anglers aircell 7wt wft floating line. The reel is an old Shakespeare Russell from the thirties or forties the my great uncle used. It works fine and is well balanced on the rod. The forum has already taught me some things, so thanks for havin' me. Rick
  6. Howdy, I'm new here, and this is my first reply, but I've used the Betts poppers and find the point of the hook is under the body. This seems to keep many of the gills from taking the bug in.Wouldn't a hook with a longer shank get more hook ups?
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