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  1. I fish many small ponds with clear water and the bass are educated from being hooked and released many times with the bigger fish being the most wary. Its a must that you be in some type of boat casting to the shorline rather than from the bank to have a chance of catching these fish. Also your chances are much better before the sun hits the water and after it is off the water. I believe a flyfisherman has an edge on many of these hard fished areas because the bass have seen about every combination of hardware and plastic that man has devised over and over, a fly pattern more than likely is new to them. Good luck!
  2. Another satisfied Al Beatty customer here, nice fella. Chem mentions the arm extension for the Danvise ... I also have it and highly recommend getting it even if you do not tie large flys, Al can help you with that also.
  3. If I had one fly for bluegill, redears it would definately be an ant pattern.
  4. dabalone


    Thats Crazy for such small water. Are they camping on spawners?
  5. In Northern Calif. we have some awesome King salmon runs. The DFG encourages that you clean your fish and put the discarded parts back in the river. They even have signs posted along the Feather River spawning areas asking people to do just that. If you think about it Salmon runs have been leaving vital nutrients in the rivers for eons. A whole chain of life in those spawning areas and downstream depend on those nutrients left in the river. I think its a good call at least here in our rivers.
  6. I think most of us are on some kind of budget. Figure how much you are comfortable spending and then look at whats available in that price range. Many here are really involved in their tying and invest lots of money in their vices and tools. I am a casual tier and get by fine tying the flys I need for my fishing with an $80 Danvise.
  7. dabalone


    I believe my plumber uses one of those to hold his pipes while cutting.
  8. Cripes, another one! Everyone here is wishing you best of luck and our prayers are with all of you in Florida.
  9. Make you think twice before tinkling over the side of the boat.
  10. Sturgeon can put on a show jumping. I have had them come completely out of the water after being hooked as many as three times and although it is mostly the smaller fish that will jump I have seen fish in the 80 pound range clear the water. It is a common sight to see sturgeon of all sizes on the Sacramento river jump or breach the water on their own. Not sure why they do it since they are bottom feeders.
  11. Ahh, good ole red man chew. While growing up I remember hijacking some of that from grandpa's drawer and the dizzy sick feeling that lasted for days after inadvertantly swallowing some of the stuff. It would be a tuff determined bug to get past Red Man. Also spread some of it around the perimeter of your house to control termites, cats, dogs, raccoons, yeti's and mountain lions.
  12. Out of curiosity, would a short microwaving kill the unwanted critters and not damage your fur or feathers before storage?
  13. dabalone

    Good mornin!!

    Nice pics. Wow you guys have an early start, we dont open here until Oct. In Calif. October duck hunting can mean hunting ducks in t-shirts, just doesnt seem right.
  14. I have trouble with 8/0 uni breaking easily it seems. Probably just me but I would definately be interested in something thats stronger and also smaller.
  15. I suggest just getting out and fishing. Usually after a day on the water I already have ideas of some pattern that will work better next trip. A vicious cycle.
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