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  1. I tied 4 more tonight and I'd like to think I improved, but I think it's a toss up. I think my wife wraps are a bit tighter, however I'm having trouble starting the wire wraps and not exposing thread. Seems as if I get the thread covered good, the wire wants to keep going further around the bend not towards the eye, when I get it to go towards the eye I have exposed thread, haven't gotten that figured out yet. Pulling towards the bend definitely helps tighten the wraps against themselves. I found the wire much easier to wrap if I whip finish my thread and put in the cradle, however I think the whip finish adds to much bulk in the middle and gives me a bump, so after I tied these 4 I went back to YouTube and a bare hook and learned to half hitch, I will try this next time. Also it seems like a toss up on weather my thorax looks full or not, seems it's 50/50 on weather the long fiber on the hurl poke out or not, i don't like it when they point in and get wrapped inside the hurl stem. First fly on top, last on bottom Last fly in vise 4 from last night are closest to you in pic, 4 from tonight are furthest away, first fly on left, last on right
  2. thanks for the tips, yes the bottom one was the last one tied. and the gaps in the wire were not intended, i didn't even notice them until i took the picture, to my naked eye they appeared tighter together than the picture revealed, ill try a few more and post results
  3. Newbie tyer first attempt at little hooks. These are by far the smallest I have tied yet, Dai-Riki #125 sz16. Tied using tight line video YouTube video as guide. Couple of things I learned and observed.... 1. After watching tons of tying videos with the wonderful zoom features on new cameras, these things are MUCH smaller than they look on film. 2. First time using UTC 70denier thread, definitely acts different than UNI 8/0 but wasn't hard to manage 3. Not sure I like Rite bobbin holders, love the smoothness, but gripping is downright weird 4. Peacock hurl is fragile, learned I can't wrap it like wire. 5. Trying to put small beads on small hooks, you guys know what I mean there. 6. Using standard jaws in my PEAK rotary vise, I'm thinking midge jaws may be helpful on these hooks. Comments and suggestions welcome. First one tied on top, last one on bottom
  4. thanks for the suggestion, i will make a couple of those too
  5. thanks for the tips, on the last two i tied last night i did strip the end out of the chenille and tied in just the two strands of string, i will continue to do this as well as it worked great. It seems like i just need to keep tying some and practice to refine the techniques. i have some stuff to make some black ones so i will practice all the tips, and whip up some black ones.
  6. So I tried some of the tips tonight and tied up these two...I tied in my chenille and hackleat the bend of the hook, I did find I had less bulk at the head when whip finishing, so that worked for me. I figured out my measuring to get my tails consistent in length. I wrapped the chenille one wrap behind hackle and then in front of it moving forward, I like this method. I need more practice with my chenille wrapping, still not quite consistent, same with hackle, however I think some of my hackle issues is the quality of the hackle. Fly #1 I thought looked pretty good, but hackle length a tad long. Fly #2 has hackle wrap issues, but I kept having the feather want to twist on me, I didn't have that problem when wrapping base of feather from the front, only happens when I wrap from tip of feather from the bend, am I doing something wrong? #1 #2
  7. thanks for the tips! i'm hoping to get back to the vise sometime this week to try the new tactics for tying the buggers.
  8. thanks for the tips guys, ill tie up a few more using the tips and different methods and post when i get em done
  9. I was using the same technique as in the tightline video. I wrapped in the chenille behind the beadhead and wrapped it to the hook shank all the way to the base of the tail, and then wrapped the chenille back over the underbody to the head. However I did not strip out the chenille fibers as in flytires pictures, i left the chenille whole when i bound it to the hook. i also think i am going to try tying in the hackle at the back of the hook, instead of behind the beadhead next time, it seems like that stem gives me troubles and bulds a lot of bulk behind the bead making the whip finish more difficult due to the bulk already being built behind the head from the stem. if i do this, should i tie in the stem or the tip? i tie in the stem right behind the bead causing the longer hackle fibers to be at the front of the hook and gradually tapering shorter as i move back, if i tie in the stem at the back of the hook, the longer fibers would be in the back and the shorter ones behind the head, which is more desirable?
  10. Here's a few more i tied up last night, not sure if im improving or not. i know all of these will fish just fine, but im a newbie and im trying to get better so thats why im still practicing these. Heres what i think im doing wrong and can improve on, but I will let you guys be the judge. I think my hackle selection is getting a little better as far as barb length. I'm realizing the difference between cheap strung hackle, and decent hackle. I tied the first one by ripping the stringy tips off the marabou, like tightlinevideos does. I tried the 2nd and 3rd one leaving the tips on, then the 4th and 5th i went back to ripping the tips off and tied in a few strands of small flashabou, i had a hard time getting it to show up on camera though. I think my marabou tail length is inconsistent, i think i know why, i measure the tail length to be just a hair over shank length, but i think im inconsistent with transferring that to the tie in point. i am using tightlinevideos for reference so i am tying the marabou in just behind the wire wraps. All these tied on a size 10 TMC hook #1 - Ripped tips #2 - stringy tips #3 - stringy tips #4 - back to ripped tips and small flashabou #5 - back to ripped tips and small flashabou
  11. That's the video I was using when I tied, that's why I tore off the extended fibers of the marabou, because he did in the video. I suspected I had wrapped the hackle wrong as I came up short, and the fibers looked way to long to me too. I'm not impressed with the bag of strung hackle, seems like a lot of the feathers are just like that one, long fibers and short stems. But I'm just starting, and I bought a bunch of supplies to try a few different patterns, so before I spend more money on expensive hackle I figured I should just use this stuff while I'm still learning
  12. Looking for critique on my first olive wooly bugger, I guess it's technically not my first as the first ones I tied were a long time ago, on a picnic table, next to a river, with squirrel tail instead of marabou for tails. I'm using strung hackle, seems to be a lot of mess in the bag and it seems to me as the hackle feathers are to short, I feel like I didn't get the hackle back far enough on the chenille body
  13. i ended up putting .015 lead free wire in it when tying bluegill spiders, i like it for that so far. i know part of the problem was way to much tension judging by the marks it left on the end of the bobbin that was in it. after adjusting it did ok, but i liked the griffen a lot more so i will just use it for wire since its just a flared metal tube
  14. I have a mix of 6/0 and 8/0 depending on what was recommended in the fly recipes i'm going to tie. I didnt know any better and had to start somewhere. I was having troubles with the first bobbin holder (flytire ), it was a cheap India model. I was breaking 6/0 with it. Switched to a Griffen ceramic, and finally got it adjusted so i can use 8/0 without breaking. Just got a RITE to try, first impressions are it feels weird in the hand and heavy on the back end, but i was able to maneuver it in the hand to get it to feel ok, time will tell if i like it
  15. I appreciate the info guys! I did end up and grab a few spools in UNI of just the colors I need right now since I I have used and know what I'm getting. I didn't get the multi color pack, like flytire said, I will learn to tie with what I have before I try to make my own opinions. I did order one spool of UTC 70 in black, seems to be very popular and used a lot, this will give me a chance to use it and see if I like it, if not I'm not out much. And when I need another color I'll try Danville, then I should be able to form my own opinions. I would have ordered some Danville right now based on your guys' recommendations, however the charts and comments about it being a little weak, I thought might add to a newbies frustration when learning thread control, I still nick that hook point once in a while
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