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  1. Thanks, I'll probably go on a popper making binge, now. Oh, well. My wife needs something roll her eyes at. Matt
  2. I'm going to my local dollar store for flip flops for poppers. Does the color of the flip flop go clear through (black flip flops=black poppers, yellow=yellow...) or do I buy any color and paint the popper whatever color I need? Thanks, Matt
  3. Echo Ion. $99. I have a Base in an 8 that I really like. You could probably get by with a Base in a 6/8 if you could sacrifice some backing. They're only $35. Matt
  4. Griffin Montana Mongoose - $161 at Cabela's online right now. Down from $230.$5 shipping. Matt
  5. I'm no where near that point in my tying, yet. For some reason, though, my son bought a bunch of belly hair a few years ago. Probably to dress treble hooks. So, I might as well plan on using it. Didn't want to vacuum up a bunch of stuff and find out later I could use it. I have plenty of storage space, so far, so I'll see what happens. Thanks, Matt
  6. Oh, nice. We've got plenty of those around. The two I bought will look lonesome in there, though. Should I give them some company? Thanks, Matt
  7. Is the fur that's combed out of deer belly hair before spinning have any use, maybe as dubbing? Thanks again, Matt
  8. I bought a couple of pheasant tails today, and they don't even almost fit in my storage box. Should I snip them in half? Thanks from a rookie, Matt
  9. About every five years since I was fourteen, I've taken up fly fishing for a couple of months. I'm sixty-two, now. During half those periods, I also took up tying. This year, my fishing partner of fifteen years(my son) moved to Florida, leaving me to fish alone. We have been bass fishing with conventional gear. So, I re-took up fly fishing the first of the year and, of course, tying. I had most of the tools I needed, but bought materials only for the flies I was going to tie. I started with Clousers, then Wooly Buggers. I'm now going into some crawdads and panfish flies. I bought an Orvis book about carp flies because I figured a lot of the carp flies would be nice panfish flies, also. When I got the book, it was full of recipes, but I realized it didn't tell the actual tying procedure. So, here I am. Needing help. Thanks for having me, Matt Ashbrook
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