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  1. Many thanks for that, I'll give them a close look Peter
  2. Hi folks, I have a few friends who are fishing in British Columbia in September and they need an idea of fly patterns which work there at that time of year. They are fishing on tributaries of the Fraser River - the Pitt,Lillooet,Chilliwack, harrison rivers & Harrison Lake, at least I think that's how they're spelled, sorry if it's wrong. Any suggestions as to patterns? I'm intending to tie some for them to start out with though I'm sure fishermen being what they are they'll come back with dozens more. Thanks Peter :cheers:
  3. Must be the ultimate nightmare for a flytyer to have eye operations. So, even though I'm a newcomer to the forum, I wish Dave a speedy recovery Peter
  4. do you ever sleep?? Or are you really from Shetland and have no daylight at this time of year??
  5. As a novice at this game what are the birds in the article, I assume the top is a chatterer and the toucans but the others?
  6. As far as I'm aware Dave Scots grey was well known for a series of flys on the clyde, along with badger, e.g. badger & yellow or scots grey and red etc the colour referring to the body & the other to the type of feather. they still work to the best of my knowledge. Peter
  7. Can anyone tell me what colour 'Irish Grey' is? Its the hackle colour on Kelsons 'Ray Mead' Thanks Peter
  8. As a wallpaper this looks sooooooooooooperb. I only wish I could find out what the gene is for classic fly dressing & have some therapy :crying:
  9. Hope you don't need a lot of sleep Congreatulations Peter
  10. Can anyone suggest a married wing Salmon fly which is as simple as possible?? Maybe only marrying two or three materials?? Ta Peter p.sp Whats all this Bait Fisherman Stuff????
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