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  1. Maybe look at getting a cam lever jaw vs the screw type jaws.
  2. I have not tried this. But I was thinking of using a split shot or super glue a bullet cone shape sinker at the eye.
  3. I dont have any $1,000 rod and reel set ups. My stuff is to use and fish with, Not to look at. But, Its nice stuff. I feel if i store them straight it should be fine. The extra rods I keep in there for someone that comes over or kids that feel like fishing are fine? I am still skeptical on doing this. I can crack the door and window open for a cross breeze. I do miss my garage and space up north I will tell you that! But this is the only logical space I can use and keep all my stuff in one place. As with the golf clubs coming apart. That glue is not permanent. Some glues you can heat up with a heat gun to soften and remove. Now I not a rod builder. But is that not an epoxy. Once it hardens its done. All the crap thats in the shed seems fine. There is no exploded cans of spray paint or some type of melted gue on the floor. Appreciate all the input. Most of my neighbors and friends are golfers. So asking them is like asking my wife.
  4. Yea, kind of thought it was not a good idea. But I was hoping. Thanks guys.
  5. A different topic that I cant find an answer to. Where does everyone store their rods at. For people who live in a 55+ community in Florida. We have car ports with a shed. There are no garages or basements. In the summer it gets hot. And so does my shed. I would say it gets around 100+ degrees inside sometimes. Right now I have been keeping my good stuff under a bed. Its ok, Just a hassle getting in and out. And I keep everything else in the shed. Not my fly tying stuff. Old rods, Bass rods, kids rods, extra rods, tackle boxes and stuff we all have. I would like to attach everything neatly to the wall instead of leaning them in the corner, or under a bed. Now will the heat matter? The rods in there now seen fine. But just leery of my good rods. They were not all that expensive to say they are. But still. I am just dealing with heat, No sun light at all.
  6. Swamp Fly, I will be in Tampa Bay. All inshore. Hoping to land some snook. My rod and reel should be fine, An 8# graphite willow and cane. Had some big fighting bass on that thing. Also just got a paperback copy of Lefty's Fly Fishing in Salt Waters on Amazon. Thanks for that, Read some of the preview and should help me out.
  7. mickmac1, It seems the bench might not change much. But its very different fishing freshwater than saltwater. I did pick up Frank Wentink Saltwater Fly Tying. Trail and error might be what I'm headed for. And some very interesting comments.
  8. Thanks for the patterns ideas and thread info utyer and poopdeck I was thinking about that. This is something I am going to change in a few weeks. I also make brushes to. I find it more versatile and can be better choice than chenille at times.
  9. That's basically my question. I have always fished freshwater all my life. Now I am able to fish saltwater more than freshwater. How big of a deal is it to switch a bench over to saltwater. I'm thinking that my material and thread is all still usable. Looking for some advice or opinions on some must haves and commonly used stuff. Saltwater fly tying and fly fishing will be new to me. In the past I used a spinning rod and some cut up fish as bait.
  10. I have about 30. Its a split between sewing thread and tying tread. I keep them on bobbins. Just like the smaller size. I over grip the spools and end up breaking the thread.
  11. Amazon has plenty of LED battery operated magnifier lights. https://www.amazon.com/Magnifier-Magnifying-Operated-Portable-Flexible/dp/B011QY0GXY/ref=sr_1_13?keywords=battery+operated+lighted+magnifying+lamp&qid=1570289104&sr=8-13
  12. I have a problem with buying stuff. I started out small, neat and organised. Now, I don't know what happened.
  13. To put it simple. If it catches fish, There is nothing wrong with it.
  14. Rstaight. Your right, I made a base for my old Thompson out of a thick plastic block. Its light, but very stable. I do like the mobility of a base at times. I have two vices I keep, My rotary is a clamp and I have the base. Each one has different qualities.
  15. Most of my flies that I tye use foam. I never looked all that hard for a book or a site devoted to foam tying. But I enjoy this one. I found it by luck and think its worth saving, If you use foam. https://www.hopperfishing.com/blog/
  16. 2" C-clamp. Grind some out of the top and bottom and I bet you could get 2-1/2" https://www.ebay.com/itm/C-Clamp-Base-for-Fly-Tying-Vise-Fits-on-3-8-Shaft-FV2139-Heavy-Duty/371425567175?hash=item567ab061c7
  17. If your top is made of wood. Are you able to notch out of the bottom. The thickness you like, And about 4" wide X 2" deep. That way you have some play to move it. Or just cut it to fit.
  18. They do look nice. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SAVA-SKY-Fly-tying-Vise-/273580417080?hash=item3fb2a9e038
  19. For us new tyers I think thread size is harder to understand than hooks. I came across this article in Fly Tyer magazine online. It helped me out a lot and I printed out the chart for a handy reference. I think its a good read and help. https://www.flytyer.com/deciphering-thread-size/
  20. That looks really good and well made. Seems to fit in the hand nice. If you need a product tester. Im available.
  21. That's really nice. I would go to home depot or lowes and get a piece of plexy glass and cut it to fit inside. Or even a small piece to cut or glue on to protect the top.
  22. Came across this today. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?act=special&page=GalleriesHome&GalleriesCat=Benches
  23. I use my rotary vice, a shoe box for the top, then attached to the stem of my pedestal vice. When done I keep everything in the shoe box. If you don't have a rotary vice EBay does sell one that does the same thing. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Stonfo-Turbo-Dubbing-Spinner-/252487122081?hash=item3ac967bca1
  24. I would suggest watching Beginner Fly Tying Tips - Part 1 to Part 8 on YouTube. Great info for any starter.
  25. I buy 100% off EBay. I type in, fly tying materials lot. And never know what someone is selling. Hooks, Capes, hackle, deer, hair, rabbit zonker strips.
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