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  1. Thank you all for your replies. I do have badger fur and i just ordered calves and will compare the two. One great thing about living in the mountains is the amount of fur and hide I can get up here lol
  2. Is there a good substitute for calf tail?
  3. Thank you all very much guys. Really looking forward to being here
  4. Lol nope. Bulls, Rainbows and Artic Grayling. We fish the Pine, Brazue and Murray rivers mostly as well as the mountain lakes
  5. Hello everyone. My name is Susan and I've been fly tying for over a year now but have been fishing and hunting for years and am married to an ex-guide and outfitter with one son. I live in the beautiful mountains of BC and am the only active fly tyier in this area and have started selling a few flies to guys in this area who don't want to travel over an hour to buy retail flies. I tie every day to improve my skills and build up my stock and my husband fully supports me as he gets free flies lol. I love the amount of information on this site and will be coming here regularly.
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