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  1. Best comment. Of the myriad thoughts that entered my mind, that was not one of them.
  2. I'm not a moderator, but .......... I can say with certainty that it is okay for you and anyone to post flies on this thread, for the purpose of showing others what you/they are tying, whether it be a new tier or one with a lifetime of experience. If you want feedback/critique on your flies, you should specifically ask for it, AND be receptive to it.
  3. Seeing the refinement/variant process is great, thanks for the photos.
  4. I gave some of the flies in this swap to my buddy, who fishes very light spin gear, some I kept for myself, which I finally brought down to the lake last night. First tied on one of @vicrider's, which brought a few to hand while still light switched to @Johnw1986's blue jig as the sun went down, which pulled in a few also. 👍👍
  5. Oh yeah. I'm partial to the bellies or plain old steamahs, which are sweeter than the nectar of the gods when freshly dug, but I wouldn't turn up my Yankee snoot at either of those.
  6. Mmmm. Nothing better, except for fried whole bellies.
  7. I can't believe I laughed at that.
  8. Spent one full day earlier this week blind fishing the flats on both sides of the tide. Beautiful weather, light breeze, lots of walking, then lounging with family, then walking, but no fish. My nephew did hitch a ride on a neighbor's sailboat, where he caught a few small ones while trolling, so he was pumped.
  9. I read somewhere, can't remember where now, that back in the day it was a geographic style thing, where certain areas of the country had a tendency to tie in the beard/throat/hackle one way over another. I suspect @flytire is correct in that its used to give the fly a different action in the water. The way the hackle is tied in will also give the fly a bit different profile, as well as a blending of colors, I think.
  10. Nice job all round, @Squeezy What's the fly pattern in the second photo?
  11. Very nice, Sandan, great pattern. +1 for @SilverCreek's comment, I use a hen pheasant skin for this fly.
  12. LOL - I had an old Wheel Horse that was good for that stuff, the thing was the torque monster of lawn tractors. I could pop wheelies when starting out in 3rd High at full throttle, had to be careful taking turns at full tilt. Anyhow, nice job fixing her up.
  13. Understood. Your post was a bit of a wake up call for me, as I've been getting a bit sloppy lately in not sealing bags when putting them back in their bin. Went through my bins this week-end and put one moth ball in each. I don't mind the slight smell, and I kind of enjoy the jokes my family makes about it.
  14. 👍 It is a great way to end the day when I have the time.
  15. That's a nice looking fly.
  16. I agree, but where have the packages been and how were they handled between leaving the final processing room at Whiting to the fly shop floor.
  17. Man, that sucks. On another forum someone recommended to wash the suspect skins in a solution of borax, mild detergent, and water, rinse and dry. They said alot of bugs floated out of the skins.
  18. Wow, that T-rex does look great.
  19. Nice fix. Wonder what caused the originals to crack like that. Evel Knievel type stuff?
  20. @caloosa bug - Nice, like that soundtrack. A few from yesterday evening at the lake.
  21. Nice, you can invite me over for dinner anytime.
  22. I ordered the Chameleon for both. Do you use the Clear due to visibility some other characteristic? Yes, the more I looked in to it after reading the posted links, that's what I thought also, good to hear the confirmation. It also seems more convenient when you go from throwing #18 dries to small nymphs and soft hackles to #8 streamers all within a few hundred feet on the stream. My apologies to @Swamp Fly for the thread hi-jack.
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