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  1. Great stories and photos, very enjoyable reading.
  2. @Philly, nice. Those dental brush flies look pretty durable. I'm not much of one for mop flies, but those floating ones look like they'd be alot of fun with panfish.
  3. Thanks for that vid. I have plenty of those feathers, will have to tie some up.
  4. My flies hit the PO this AM. Tracking # PM' ed.
  5. Pretty fish, DFoster, your stream looks full too.
  6. @denduke, some nice pelts there. Wish we had some fox squirrels in my neck of the woods.
  7. Wow, some really great ties posted over the week-end, great work everyone. @Mogup, thanks. Your quill bodies look great, as do those flymphs. That's a great combination of materials on the throat, Norm.
  8. LOL - yeah TS, and with the wings tied upside down, combined with the Earth's rotation, it won't twist my leader, as long as the stream I'm fishing flows north. It was all very carefully thought out, don'tcha know.
  9. Partridge & Orange Winged Wets, floss vs dubbed body. Ran across this pattern on a New Zealand fishing website (fishingmag.co.nz), that must be why I tied the wings on upside down.
  10. Agree with above. I would think that dish soap would be more effective at removing any grease/grime, but shampoo should be okay. Good suggestion from @cphubert to mixing in some borax, that should take care of bugs/eggs and it is also a deodorizer.
  11. Thanks, f5, they both made the constant annoyance of fallen leaves and pine needles worth it.
  12. Thank you, Rick, that's very generous. PM sent.
  13. No worries, McFly, you do a great job. As a history buff, I sometimes enjoy digging up a bit of history on some of the flies I tie.
  14. Pretty sure @SBPatt is correct. It's a '59 Caddy, the bullet tail-lights and groovy curve on the front edge of the angle window give it away.
  15. The prettiest of a few brookies after work today, taken on an the olive spider (dropper), in the shadows of the ruins of the Boston Duck Company.
  16. @RickZieger, I picked some roving wool up at the craft store a while back, but is seemed pretty 'stringy', especially for the size of flies I usually tie. Do you cut it into short lengths and blend it when making your brushes?
  17. Great pattern, McFly, the first bass/foam pattern I tied (I think). I love tying and fishing his hopper and sparrow patterns, relatively simple patterns using basic materials. I never met him, but he seems to have been quite the character.
  18. Thanks gentlemen. Yes Meeshka, I'm lucky to live so close.
  19. @chugbug27 Very nice Chug, long and lean like a Cadillac
  20. Orange soft hackles, #14-18, orange silk, mole thorax on some, various hackles
  21. Slow work week, so yesterday I took the afternoon off to visit my local tailwater. A near perfect fall day in New England, few things are as beautiful as a brook trout in spawning colors.
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