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  1. Working in the yard Friday evening, I noticed a puddle of water around the wellhead. Plans are made to be changed, I guess. Fast forward through 5 feet of dirt and most of Saturday, I find the plastic fitting that attaches the water line to the pitless adaper had cracked. I understand the need for a plastic supply line, but who the hell uses a plastic fitting when the water line is at least 4 feet deep???!!!. Left the pit open overnight to make sure the new connection took, and filled it in Sunday morning before the anticipated rain.
  2. That was my first thought also. I have heard other tyers say soaking feathers in a water/glycerin solution will soften the stems. I have never done it, though, and do not know the procedure.
  3. Wow, outstanding ties everybody. Buggy bug, Chugbug!
  4. Excellent, thank you for that.
  5. You got that right. Although, I may do just a mask next year, if I can get a head. Maybe more of the white chest hair, it has a nice texture and looks like a good candidate for dyeing. PM me your address, I'll send you a square. Not tanned, though. Nothing, really. I like the variety in colors, and the chest hair seems to be more like bucktail, as in having less flair. The store bought stuff just seems to be thicker/denser.
  6. I had alot of fun with the little gills last evening fishing this Skater (my apologies to Mr. Hewitt).
  7. My buddy gave me some hide of one of his deer last fall, which has been sitting in my freezer since. Finally got around to processing it over the last few weeks. The fly shop has some nicer stuff, but this'll do for now.
  8. Ah, so a different species of mayfly. Thank you.
  9. @Sandan, If the bourbon was as good as those bugs, you're doing something right. Is 'flav style' just a large version of a BWO pattern. In smaller sizes those look like they would do very well for our eastern. Very nice ties, gents, love those spiders, @Moshup I have not had much time at the vise of late, but was able to squeeze in a few minutes this morning. I came across this pattern a while back on another site, but have never heard of it before. I did stumble upon one bit of info saying it's available for sale at a local sports shop, but have not had the chance to stop in there yet. If anyone has more info, or critique, please let me know. Westfield River Bug Hook - #12 (I think) Thread - Black Weight: gold wire under thorax Tail - Olive PT fibers Rib - DNC gold thread, 1 strand Body - green floss Wing Case - FTD crinkle hair, white (I coated it with SHHAN when done, which darkened it and allowed the peacock to show through, will leave that final step out next time) Thorax - Peacock Legs - Olive PT
  10. niveker

    My new shop

    those top three are awfully pretty, even elegant. The bottom one, strong and handsome. Beautiful craftsmanship.
  11. Good stuff, good to know. I never really like the use of GP tippets in general either, dries or wets.
  12. Nice, now I know what I'm going to do with the alpaca dubbing brush that is sitting on my desk. Thanks! The claret and turkey tail slip colors go really well together. I'll have to pick up some claret floss. Beauty, Moshup. Do you fish that river much? I haven't been on it in quite a few years. Planning on hitting one of the Westfield branches later this month at spring turkey camp.
  13. Interesting, both methods. So the vapors from super glue 'pit' or etch the surface of the mono? What is the purpose of that, to allow it to be gripped by the thread onto the shank? That's why Davie runs his mono through a sheet of fine sandpaper?
  14. Wet wading in April - that's living right! Pretty stream.
  15. z-lon, poly yarn, snowshoe, etc. In my book they're all acceptable, even bright colors for better visibility.
  16. Pretty fish, nice set-up, what are the rod and reel?
  17. I like tying and fishing a Henryville Special, but I think I'll tie a few of these. The peacock thorax really adds to the fly. Very nice tie, Jaydub, as usual.
  18. Those are good looking flies, @Baron.
  19. Uh, oh. Now you've gone and done it. There is no cure for the madness. Looking for to seeing some of your ties, and is great advice, especially in the beginning stages of the addiction.
  20. March Brown variant body needs to be filled out a bit Hook; 12 Thread: Brown Tail: Turkey pre-tail fibers Rib: DMC light gold thread Body:Hare's mask Thorax: Mix hare's mask/FTD mahogany thorax dubbing Legs: Hungarian partridge, brown Wing: Turkey pre-tail slips SHHAN
  21. Nice fish, Sandan. Looks like a great time.
  22. I don't worry about what 'they' have to say much myself. Up until a few years ago my usual wading boots were an old pair of Chuck Taylor high top sneakers. Looks like a good old companion there.
  23. I could go for one those, very nice!
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