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  1. Very nice work of art, there DF.
  2. Not the most experienced or technical here, as my set up is pretty primitive, and I use my phone (on auto) for 90% of my photos, even though I have a relatively decent Canon G9X. Setting my phone/camera back a bit and using software (FastStone Image Viewer) to lightly edit and crop works best for me. Nice little blog you got there, BTW. I saw the SBS you did on the School Bus Perch TC streamer and modified it to a lead head jig hook for my spin fishing buddy who ask for some perch imitations.
  3. First off,congratulations on the newborn! My mother, who raised 9, always said those early years were a ton of work, but were the most enjoyable. It took me a few years to realize she was right (again). Enjoy the new guy. Have you picked put his first fly rod outfit yet? Secondly, you picked a great addiction. There's a reason fly fishing and tying is used as therapy. But frankly, I don't think you're truly addicted until your daughters yell 'No Dad' as you start to break when you're passing fresh roadkill.
  4. Thanks, Looks perfect for that, all I ever see are the big plastic ones. Any idea where you got it?
  5. Looks nice and compact, Bimini. What is that metal clip in the top left of your desk in the 1st picture?
  6. Thanks Kim, I tie them in more of a pale watery than cream color, and with a darker head than his original recipe calls for, as they seem to more closely resemble the majority I see in my local waters. I'm glad to hear I could do justice to them.
  7. Maybe, but mine have never lasted long enough for it to be an issue.
  8. Very nice, Mr. McFly. Could double as a little black caddies pattern also.
  9. I feel the same way. If I simply had too many, I'd be happy to donate, but not the crappy ones. I should take the time to tie some up specifically to donate, especially to a Veterans group, but by the time I'm done tying for myself, friends/family, swaps, plus replacing the ones I give away on the water, I just don't have the time.
  10. Hook: GCO #14, wet/nymph Thread: black, 70D Tail: Grizzly hen Body: Peacock & fine silver wire rope, wound sparsely Legs: Grizzly hen Wing: Starling primary Legs tied too long.
  11. I've got @ 1/3 your years of experience, but I'd re-iterate some of your pints and add to them. 1. Thread control and a pinch wrap are two of the most important skills to master. 2. Don't worry about getting faster. Concentrate on getting better, faster will follow. 3. Knowing how materials are going to react/interact in/on the water is at least, if not more important, than how it looks on the vise. 4. Don't worry about getting every every new material that hits the store shelves. Learn to know what qualities a material should have for it's purpose, and work with what you have. 5. When I'm browsing in a fly shop or online, ask like to ask myself: How in the world did those old fly tiers tie such simple, beautiful, and effective flies without designed fly tying thread, a rotating vise, ceramic bobbins, genetic hackle, super head glue cement UV resin, and synthetic material?
  12. Looks good, can't tell it there are two different mixes, but the first one seems to have more guard hairs mixed in, so it looks buggier/better, IMO. May be just the addition of the tinsel that makes them appear different. Maybe a touch darker, for my flies. What all's in there?
  13. @skeet3t, thanks for the suggestion!
  14. Wow, that really is beautiful tie. I would appreciate a more detailed recipe if you don't mind. .
  15. Thats pretty cool, Steve. You can start offering these now with your custom rods: 3D Printed Fly Reel - the original!
  16. First few little guys of 2021. Got to the river and realized I never purchased a new license, so had to go back home and buy and print it out online, LOL. Thankfully I only live about 5 minutes away from where i was fishing. Only one other person fishing while I was there, and of course he plants himself 10 feet away from me and starts casting. Jeesh!
  17. Basics: GRHE, #14, dyed burnt orange or rust. Not sure of name of color, as I picked that mask up in a local bait shop that sometimes sells fly fishing stuff on consignment. Nice color, though. May make a nice bomber body if mixed with some natural hare's mask. Always nice to see the great flies everyone posts on here. Love those little guys, @Sandan
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