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  1. Dont' disount the Danvice. I am in a similar predicament as you. I am going to buy a new vice and I am going to get the Danvice. It's a rotary vice as well. Something that seems to turn some people off is that there are parts that are made of DELRIN. Not the jaws or stand, but the rotary parts. People that use it seem to like it and for the price, it can't be beat. It even comes with a DVD to demonstrate the capabilities of the vice. I have seen it for sale as cheap as $63. on E-bay. Normal dicount price seems to be about $75. I think the retail price is only $80! Check out this link for an evaluation of the Danvice; http://www.flyfisherman.com/ftb/hwvise/index3.html
  2. How I solved the problem: I couldn't get a second set of useable copies from my hard drive. Even though my FIRST burn gave me useable disks. In order to get a second set of disks I had to make a "Disk Image" of the first set on my desktop. Then, I could burn a second set thru a disk utility on my computer. At any rate, I wasted about 10 DVD's just to get a second useable set for my club. Oh Well, they're great folks!!
  3. 1. ALL disks from the second set will not work. 2. Used exact same settings 3. Vids ALL work from HARD DRIVE and FIRST set of DVD's. This is wierd isn't it! Any other suggestions?
  4. Thougt I would start a new topic about the problems I am having with these video files. I downloaded every episode on to a hard drive. Then I copied all those video files on to 4 DVD disks. Those disks work just fine and gives me a great resource library. I thought my club would like a copy for their library and decided to burn and extra DVD set. As I still had the files on a hard drive I burned an extra set, just as I did the first time. However, the "extra" set of DVD disks will not run. Windows Media opens up and when I try to play an episode I get this; "The specified stream is not recognized". I can't get the second set of DVD's to run. Does anyone know how to make this set work so I can give it to my club???
  5. Redkid: Thanks for the link. The "ugly fly" system is going to be very helpful. After trimming, my flies look almost exactly like this method. I think I'll go back and cut a "V" in the hackle. Seems to make the fly a little less ugly! I think I'll try a bright yellow permanent marker on a few of my lighter grizzly hackles and see what happens as well. Thanks again!! (Maybe my question wasn't so sacreligious after all!!)
  6. That's my thought as well. Trimming DOES make the fly look a little different but, I really don't care as long as the FISH DON'T CARE. As far a dyeing goes, how do I do it and what type of dye?
  7. :devil: I know this is going to be sacreligious, and I ask for forgiveness up front! I want to tie some California Coachman's and they use yellow floss (easy to get) and bright yellow hackle, (Imposible to get). I can't find ANY yellow hackle in small sizes (12-14). The only yellow hackle I can find is probably used for salt water flies and is signifcantly larger than I need. Here's the sacrelegious question. Is is possible/feasable to use the larger hackle and then carefully trim it back to proper length after the flie is tied? If you haven't guessed already, I'm a pretty new to tying after a rather long hiatus of about 40 years. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the input guys! I got some of Sally's stuf today. "FISH ON!!!"
  9. Something I found out about "bogging" down your computer: If you have more than one episode loaded on your OMN "My downloads" page it will completely bog down the machine. The system works great if you only have ONE episode on your page. After you have downloaded a single episode do the following; 1. Go to your hard drive and find the downloaded episode and copy it to a different folder and save. 2. Then return to your OMW page and delete that episode. The episode will be deleted off OMN AND YOUR ORIGINAL download folder. You still have the copy you made in a different folder and they can be viewed from there or, as I recommend, burn on to a DVD. A single DVD should hold 14-16 episodes. The DVD must be viewed on your computer as you need Windows Media Player to view. It won't work on your tv/dvd player. It takes about 8 minutes to down load an episode with a cable modem or DSL if you do it this way.
  10. I'm new to the forum. I am getting re-started tying flies. I started when I was about 14 and now I'm 54. (Oh, the joys of careers, homes, raising kids, and the never ending list of Honey-Do's.) Anyhow, when I first started tying I used "Head Cement" and I could get it at my local sporting goods store. Now, it's a 50 mile drive or 10 days waiting for UPS/FEDEX. Does anyone recommend/use clear nail polish. I can get that at K-Mart. What do you use or what is recommended? Thanks
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