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  1. Oh, oh... I am debating my own posts.. Not on the patterns, those are solid. Scared me, On the part about getting a friend "hooked" on vise vices. It is a dark road, beckoning. Days filled with obsessive/compulsive behaviors, hanging out with other addicts. Rushing to front porch when the UPS truck rolls through the neighbor hood. Sweating the next "delivery" from JStockard, FlyTyersDungeon, Feather-Craft. Watching the 'roadkill' for new material. Never mind, just forgot to WELCOME you to the forum. Carry On Haha, thanks! Forgot to add Copper John to the list... got everything he needs to get started with those too! I can deal with picking at roadkill. But the addition of pheasant, quail, and turkey hunting season... that might get rough.
  2. Soooo... the budget went up a smidge, haha. Got him the 4 pack of capes, olive wooly bugger heckle, and a couple more half capes. Doubled up on some of the hooks with some barbed and some not. Then got everything needed for wooly buggers in black & olive, all the stuff in poopdeck's post, plus some skins and quills to do 2 specific midge and nymph patterns that I know he's fished successfully at his favorite hole + an all purpose caddis. And bookmarked the patterns so he can find the specific ones I got the materials for. Should keep him busy for a good while. Thank you everyone for the help!
  3. Tons of great advice here. Thanks everyone! And this was extremely helpful, thank you.
  4. Hiya, I'm brand new here, but I'm hoping someone could help with suggestions for what to put in a kit for my not-my-boyfriend. (Just in case he reads this... since he'll probably end up on here as soon as he gets the gift, haha.) He's a Pennsylvania cold water creek fly fisherman, primarily trout. (Loves catching natives.) He has expressed interest in tying (was actually a topic of conversation the first time we met), and I used to tie w/ my dad when I was a kid, so I'm pretty excited about him wanting to get into it. I haven't touched a feather in probably 20 years though, and we lost pops last year, so I have no one to ask for advice and am a bit overwhelmed with trying to figure out where to start with materials. Even just picking hooks... ugh. No clue. But I do know I probably shouldn't go blowing my budget on all the pretty marabou feathers. I'd hate to get a bunch of crappy stuff that will leave him discouraged OR waste money on things he won't likely use. It'll be a while before he'll have the budget for additional supplies, and he's generally very stubborn about not letting me buy him things... so I have one shot to get this right and set him up for a successful start this winter/spring. Let's say $200ish budget for materials? If he has enough for 3-5 flies that he can learn to fish the heck out of, that's a solid start. I'm sure he'll be keeping furs and stuff from hunting once he gets into it, but for now, we're starting with nothing. What I've bought so far: Dr Slick Tool Kit Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise The Fly-Tying Bible: 100 Deadly Trout and Salmon Flies in Step-by-Step Photographs (Hasn't arrived yet or I'd just pick through the book for material lists.) Really need help figuring out the rest. Any advice here would be awesome! Thanks!
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