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  1. Congrats on the Renzetti. I've been using one almost 10 years now and love it! Thanks! I started on a used knockoff Regal for a couple months and it broke so I figured why not get a good one
  2. Bit the bullet and picked up a new Renzetti .... tied a few of these first
  3. I did hit Michaels already and got peacock herls and pheasant feathers .... never thought to try the Dollar Store, there is one 2 blocks from my work
  4. Wow, I never thought it was that, thanks Mike! I had assumed it was some sort of mcfly foam that was rigid
  5. Can any of you guys/gals tell me what material this person used for the tail on this fly?
  6. A couple more I have been working on
  7. My first couple flies I have ever tied ... not much but I can sure see how easy it is to get hooked! I am enjoying this almost as much as being out fishing LOL
  8. Thanks everyone! Lots of video watching on youtube helps a ton! Dubbing was giving me fits at first, figured out I was using way too much.
  9. Took my first shot at my vise yesterday. Tied an estaz,caddis, and wooly bugger. I know they need work but I felt pretty good about the wooly bugger, even if it took me about 20 minutes to complete it LOL. Even my oldest daughter was excited about it. It's early in the game but I think I'm addicted ......
  10. Thanks Kevin! Delaware County here. Brian
  11. Hi gang, stumbled across the site as I just bought my very first vise yesterday. My father in law and I, who just began fly fishing this past summer, have decided to give tying a shot. Happy Holidays!
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