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  1. Unable to access pages on long threads. For example can see pages 1-4 then the final page say 15 but to go to page 14 this program does not work. Same on cellphone or computer. Perhaps the owner can fix this issue. Months ago it worked fine. Appreciate the efforts to host and run this site.
  2. Utter, Nice looking nymphs. Well proportioned. What is the body material for the first version? (For the past month or two I have not been able to advance to the next page on a topic or go back on the pages by either using the PREV or arrow or pressing on the page number. This feature worked in the past. Any suggestions on how to remedy this please send me a message. Thank you.)
  3. Flies arrived in fine condition. Really enjoyed seeing the different patterns in this collection. Thanks to each of you.
  4. Interesting pattern. Would probably work as a general attractor for other species as well. Appreciate the detail on your approach for the Hackle.
  5. Thank you to our host and all who contributed. Looking over the collection which arrived this evening in anticipation of opening day.
  6. Will be in for a dozen if you have room for another.
  7. 9-3 Tandem Streamer Hook TMC784 size 6, Hook B10S Stinger size 8, Thread Veevus 100D black, Thread Uni 8/0 black, Wire Rio Powerflex 20lb, Bead D's Flyes small green, Body UTC mylar tinsel small, Wing bear dyed green, Wing ducktail black, Under Wing Headline Pearl, Eyes JC. Wanted to try this since seeing Flytire's version of this pattern with beads. p.s. Lil' Dorthy posted recently is neat.
  8. Enjoyed the caddis photographs. That specific pattern is one I haven't fished. Curious to see the unique extended body section.
  9. Sculpin Muddler -- Sculpin Olive deer hair, medium gold Uni, small green wire, tail and wing synthetic blend, throat light green marabou with black thread.
  10. Productive water for large fish. Looks like you were having a fun visit. What was you most productive fly for red ear on the trip?
  11. Opening Day Hendrickson nymphs now tagged and ready to be shipped in the morning.
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