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  1. Verdant Marvel Hook: Gamakatsu B10S size 8; Tag: Body Quill 20; Thread: Black Uni 8/0; Body: Uni-Yarn Ins. Green; Rib: Uni Ultra Wire Golden Olive small; Wing 1: SF Shrimp; Wing 2 Light Green Marabou; Throat: Electric Wool Faerie's Breath; Hackle: Green dyed feather and Head: Purple Shapie under Solarez.
  2. Streamer Hook: Mustad Sproat 3366-BR size 4; Under Wrap Uni 3/0 black, Eyes Tigofly; Thread Uni Camel 6/0; Body DazzleAire yarn Country Peach 1 strand; Body Wrap Uni silver tinsel; Tail and Throat brown feather dyed green; Underwing wild olive SF; Top Wing Peacock Herl; Head olive and brown custom dubbing mix. Strong finish to this year with the patterns previously posted this month.
  3. Really like the flies you recently posted but especially enjoyed the Starling Tip.  Fantastic  pattern.  Your soft hackles also look like they would be really effective on our waters.  

  4. Husky Smelt Hook TMC 9395 size 6 Thread Uni 8/0 white Tail Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe UV blue over white marabou Body blue silk to blue SF Rib UTC oval silver French tinsel Throat Electric Wool cirrus Wing Ice Dub Blue, white bear and Crystal Flesh Baitfish Fibre Head Solarez
  5. Triple Threat and earlier Mayfly Brown both very buggy. Sure they fish well.
  6. Thought the Mill Creek flies posted were interesting and well crafted. Not able to view as often as I like or comment on each pattern that I admire. When visiting, these pages are a great resource and inspiration. Appreciate the board even as an infrequent participant on the forum. To all, keep the patterns coming.
  7. Sandan, Thank you. Rod is a 7' 9" 3/2 bamboo four weight.
  8. Ha. The colors reminded me of the attire of a friend with that name from many years ago. Need to visit Wyoming someday to give this a try.
  9. Great work the last couple of pages in particular. 8675309 Streamer Hook: Streamer Thread 6/0 Uni Light Olive Body Back: Silk light olive Body Front: Semperfli Dirty Bug Salmon Wrap: UTC oval silver small French Tinsel Wing: SF Grey Sides: Mallard Grey Throat: Pink Marabou Hackle: Mallard dyed olive
  10. Brookies gave the streamer a look but had a preference for terrestrial patterns last weekend.
  11. Brown Trout Themed Streamer Hook: Streamer Thread: 6/0 Uni-Camel Body: Uni-Mohair 1x Body: Uni-Mylar Gold 3/64" Throat: Pig Hair dyed red Under-wing: EP Game Changer Shrimp Over-wing: Bear hair dyed yellow Tail: (Found on tying desk, added in haste for fishing last weekend).
  12. Really like the Rootbeer Cruncher above. Mini Streamer below:
  13. Splitsville Spundun is fantastic. If tied in Hex or Brown Drake colors it would have a place of prominence in my fly box. Brown Trout Hook: Daiichi 2055 size 7 Thread: Camel Uni 6/0 Tail: Crystal Flesh Weight: .25 Body: Holographic Chenille over Uni-Mohair Gold Throat: EP Tan over Yellow Bear Top: Micro Mink Brown Head: Drop Jaw
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