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  1. heres an emerger pattern I tied today.
  2. Yes it does have all materials listed and the post.
  3. Excellent work everyone, this has been a great month of fly tying! Kimo your work is amazing! Thank you for posting your work!
  4. Worked good, but I like uv resin on post better.
  5. Chug, I have never tied with anything less then whiting even when I began fly tying some 20 years ago I used the best stuff. But a little trick I use for nice clean wraps are to remove the barbs on one side of the hackle about two inches worth usually is enough unless I tie bigger. This works well and I can always get my wraps very tight to each other. GP
  6. Polish Quill (golden Olive). I put a little cement on top of hook. Nice popper PS!
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